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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Genealogy, Genealogy....

Apparently one of my aunts died this past week.  They know she had a heart attack.  I am getting in that age bracket myself, that the older generation, is alas, going.  I am fortunate enough to still have my own parents, plus most of my family.  All of my grandparents died from 1996 through to 2008.  It started with my mom's mom, Irene Ziemmer Smith, 26 Feb 1996, then on 25 Dec 2001 my dad's dad, Charles George Heyen.  Then in May 2005 my mom's dad, Duane Leslie Smith.  Then June 2008, my dad's mom, Henrietta Sibyl Scott Heyen (aka Henryetta Blanche Jackson).  I know I have written in the past of each family, especially my search for Grandma Heyen's birth family.  Today I am writing about and searching for my ex-husband's family, and my best friends family.  The reason I am searching for them "together" is because they may be related.
A number of years ago, I was a caregiver for a very good friend of mine, Jolela, comes to find out, her ex-husband and my ex-husband were cousins.  Now it looks like it might be happening again.  I guess I should be glad it isn't ME related to my ex, lol.
My ex-husband's last name is Goble.  His grandfather was Romie Farles Goble.  Romie's father was Jerry Goble.  About here, is when the name changes, from Goble to Gobble (years earlier, like the 1600-1700's it was Gable).  The Gable is where it comes into play, one of my best friends aunt married a Gable, is there a connection?  On the hunt I go!  I have used mainly,, and for these searches.

Romie Farles Goble son of Jerry Goble and Nola Crider
b 16 Dec 1921
d Dec 1987 Auxier, Ky
MD Meda Marie Davis daughter of Herbert Edwin Davis and Mabel A Sparks
b 7 Jan 1907 WV
d 22 Jan 1981 Fl
documents for Romie are:
1930 census
Florida Divorce Index
Kentucky Birth Index
Ohio Death Record
US directories
Veterans affairs death file
US Find a Grave
SS Application
WW2 Army Enlistment
Virginia Marriage Records

for Meda it is:
1940 census
Florida Div record
US directory
Virginia marriage record
I also saw her mentioned on her mother's findagrave

Jerry Goble son of George Wesley Gobble and Clarinda Music (another interesting thing, the name Music can either be spelled Music or Musick)
b Jan 1890 Johnson County Ky
d unknown
MD Jan 1912 to Nola Crider in Johnson County, Ky, daughter of ?? and Lydia (or Myrtle)
b 1890
d 3 May 1961 Auxier, Ky
documents for Jerry are:
1900-1940 Census
Kentucky Death Index
Social Security App
WW! and WW2 drafts

Documents for Nola are as follows:
1910-1940 census

Herbert E Davis son of William Beverly Davis and Kansas Carla Vance
b 30 Dec 1906 Va
d 9 Dec 1988 Sumter County, Fl
MD Mabel A Sparks daughter of Fielden Kirk Sparks and Victoria Shrader
b 7 Jan 1907 WV
d 22 Jan 1981

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