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Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Only Thing Worth Doing, Is What We Do For Others

I watched the new Alice Through the Looking Glass movie this morning.  I actually quite enjoyed it.  It teaches lessons of time, and how we can't change the past, but we can learn from it.  It shows that caring for others, and helping others, is what shapes us.
One of the lines was actually (said by Alice, her quoting her father) "The only thing worth doing, is what we do for others."
This quote describes my life 100%.  Yes, there is often, I just do for me.  I buy my snacks, I buy my soda, I make time for a 45-minute soaking bath at least once a week, I read when I can, I fit in time to do genealogy, etc.  BUT me being me if I am not helping someone, doing for others, being there for someone, I feel useless.  There was once when I was staying with a friend, and to help pay my rent, I was cleaning, and helping out around the house.  Well, one day she got into a mood, and lashed out at me, saying she didn't want my help anymore (she was frustrated about things, and other issues, that only had about 25% to do with me) and she went off on me.  That was a Friday afternoon, on Saturday I stayed in my room all day, and then on Sunday morning when I got up, I was so depressed, because I felt I had no place in life.  (Do not worry, she and I have worked things out, and I am back to being her helper, as I said, it was only a small part
But back to my original subject.  I am a caregiver, it's who I am.  I am a live-in caregiver at an adult foster care home.  There are five women that I am responsible for.  I cook, clean, pass meds, do laundry, give showers, and whatever else needs to be done.  I really enjoy doing this, not because I enjoy taking care of people, but the girls themselves make it fun.
I will always prefer to be doing for others, rather than only doing for myself.

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