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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ohio and Pennsylvania Familes

I am going to just keep the title to Ohio and Pennsylvania families.  I have so many that are in both states, that its hard to not combine things, and keep them separated like I am able to do on other families.  Many of them intermarried many times, cousins marrying, brothers marrying sisters, etc.
So one of the ones I am going to start with today, is one that I am related to, but only in that convoluted manner that families like to do.
I need to preface this by saying that Myrtle May Bemus born 1877 in Pa married Ernest James Randall, born 1875 in Pa, sometime between 1900-1901, as their first child was born 1902. And Myrtle and Ernest are my second great grandparents.
Mary Polly Randall is sister to my 6th great grandfather, John Randall.  Mary was born 1780 in Gassy Lake, RI.  She married Marsena Keep in 1798.  Marsena was born 1769 in Longmeadow, Mass.  They had 11 children, having a son named Marsena.  Marsena Jr was born 1802 in Keepville, Pa.  Keep this name in mind!
Now I am going to switch lines here.
My 4th great grandfather Martin Bemus, had a sister by the name of Amelia.  Amelia was born 1801 and died 1876, she married Daniel Hewitt, born 1791 and died 1853.  Here is where alot becomes very interesting.  Daniel had a sister named Polly Hewitt, she was born 1803 and died 1875, and she married a Marsena Keep! He is the son of the above mentioned Mary and Marsena.
Ah but I am not done yet! Mary Randall and Marsena Sr also had another son named Matthew, who had a son named Walter Marsena Keep.  Now Walter was born 1838 in Conneaut, Pa, and he married (drumroll please) Amanda Hewitt, born 1842 and died 1859, just a year after they married.  She is the daughter to....Amelia Bemus and Daniel Hewitt.
But again, Im am not done yet, lol.
Now we need to go back up to the original Marsena Keep and Mary Randall, Marsena had a brother named Julius, and he married Anna Pomeroy, who is sister to Sarah Pomeroy (my 5th great grandmother) and her husband is Maxson Randall, who is brother to Mary Randall!

I am as related to the Keeps as a person can be, without being truly related, lol.

Put a little tree up here, just to keep thoughts straight:
Myrtle May Bemus, daughter of Samuel H Bemus and Emily Freeland
born 1877 NY
died 1922 (buried in Springfield Cemetery in East Springfield, Pa)
married 1900 to
Erna James Randall, son of James Edwin Randall and Olive Bennett
born 1875
died 1953 (buried in Sprinfield Cemetery)
FAG page

Samuel Henry Bemus, son of Martin Bemus and Phebe Williams
born 1845 Conneaut, Oh
died unknown
married (about 1875) to
Emily Freeland, daughter of Christopher Freeland  and Mary Jane Marshall
born 1848
died 1902

Martin Bemus, son of Samuel Bemus and Sarah Fanny
born 1812 Amboy, Oh
died 1896 Amboy, Oh
married 1830-1835 to
Phebe Williams, daughter of ??
born 1814, NY
died 1889 Amboy, Oh (both buried West Lakeville Cemetery)

Amelia Bemus, daughter of Samuel Bemus and Sarah Fanny
born 1801 Conneaut, Oh
died 1876 Conneaut, Oh
married 1820 to
Daniel Hewitt, son of Asa Hewitt and Mary Newton
born 1791 Stafford, Ct
died 1853 Keepville, Pa

Amanda Minerva Hewitt, daughter of Daniel Hewitt and Amelia Bemus
born 1842
died 1859
married 1858 to
Walter Marsena Keep son of Matthew Keep (unknown mother at time)
born 1838
died unknown
Walter and Amanda had no children, and in 1870 Walter remarried.

Matthew Keep, son of Marsena Keep and Mary Polly Randall
born 1807 Keepville, Pa
died 1891
married ?? to
Sarah Colton
born ??
died ??

Marsena Keep Jr, son of Marsena Keep and Mary Polly Randall
born 1802 Keepville, Pa
died 1876 Keepville, Pa
married 1821 to
Polly Hewitt, daughter of Asa Hewitt and Mary Newton
born 1803 Paris, NY
died 1875 Conneaut, Pa

Marsena Keep Sr, son of Matthew Keep and Mehitable Chandler
born 1769 Longmeadow, Ct
died 1851 Keepville, Pa
married 1798 to
Mary Polly Randall, daughter of David B Randall and Anna Maxson
born 1780 Hopkinton, RI
died 1835 Erie, Pa

Maxson Randall, son of John Randall and Lydia Odell (John is David B Randall and Anna Maxson's son)
born 1798 NY
died 1886 Girard, Pa
married 1822 (?) to
Sarah Hannah Pomeroy, daughter of Medad Pomeroy and Elizabeth Morrell
born 1804 New Ashford
died 1856 Conneaut, Oh
Anna Pomeroy, daughter of Medad Pomeroy and Elizabeth Morrell
born 1801
died 1877 Winnebago, Wi
married 1820 (?) to
Julius Alvin Keep, son of Matthew Keep and Sarah Colton
born 1798 Keepville, Pa
died 1876 in Winnebago, Wi

Okay, I realize there are a couple of Matthew Keeps in this, and even confused myself for a moment, lol.  Matthew Keep that is father to Marsena Sr was born 1745, and married Mehitable Chandler, the above mentioned one married to Sarah Colton, and father to Julius was born 1767.  And then the one mentioned further above, father to Walter Marsena Keep (with unknown mother) was born 1807. And that Matthew is son to Marsena Sr, lol.

I either need a nap, or a drink.......probably both after this mess, lol.


  1. Hi. Marsena Keep is my 4th Gr Grandfather. I am trying to find proof that he and Mary Randall had a child named Polly. It seems you have a good handle on the family. Can you give me any source information (wills, bible notes, books) that provide proof that they had a child named Polly?
    I like your rambling tale of the family...

  2. I am sorry, I dont have any *proof* just what I find online, and back in January, I got the paid sub at ancestry, and started a tree, and of course adding names. I got into the bad habit of just grabbing here and there, and now I am working on going back and proving these things. I have had to delete alot of names and revamp details, because the proof I thought I had, wasn't what I thought it was. I will work on finding anything I can.
    I have no true connection to the family (as stated above) so will not have access to family bibles and such.

  3. Samuel Bemus and Sarah Fanny are my 5G grandparents...

  4. Who are your ancestors PsychDoctor?? (sorry I missed this, for some reason, email gets goofy!)