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Monday, June 25, 2018


Well, I have been working on my grandmother's birth family today.  I know I have spoken of her before.  She was born Henryetta Blanche Jackson on June 23, 1921, in Glen Lake, Mn.  Her birth parents were William Henry Jackson and Blanche G Shirley.
Now, I have done some research on her father, and although I have not found him after the fact the adoption (after 1925), I have his family, and him on documents prior to 1925.
Lately, I have been working on her mother's side.  First, I am going to c/p what my grandmother's birth and adoption papers say, this way you get an idea of names.
Henryetta Blanch Jackson (Baby Girl is scratched out and Henryetta Blanch is written in) 
born: June 23, 1921 
Reg district number 2517
no in Reg book: 38
father: Wm Henry Jackson
Mother: Blanche G Shirley
Residence: Hopkins RFD
Race: White
Father born: 1893 (written, typed is age 28)
Mother born: May 1901 (written, typed is age 20) Wi
Occupation: Common Laborer, Housewife
Dr: Hugh C Avery
Dated June 23, 1921
Address Excelsior
Registrar: WS Frear
Dated: June 24, 1921 
Address: Hopkins
For years it was told to me that Grandma was born at the Glen Lake TB sanitorium.  But my aunt informed me awhile back that she was born Her orphanage records are like this:
Owatonna State Public School
number 7418
Name: Henrietta Jackson
Date Admitted: Jan 24, 1925
Residence Minneapolis, Mn
County: Hennepin
Date of birth: June 23, 1921
By Order of Court: Juvenile-Hennepin Co
BirthPlace: Glen Lake Mn
Judge: PW Guilford
Sex Female
Colour: White
Petitioners: AL Bean
Address: Minneapolis, Mn
Cause of dependency: father deserted
Contributory Causes: Mother unable to support child
Church: Protestant
Physical condition on admittance: Good
Family character habits, physical and mental conditions: Father-brutal to mother-drinking man
Conjugal relations: Married Sept 18, 1920, at Hopkins Mn, by Lutheran minister, separated
Father: William Henry Jackson
Born 47 years old, Chaugne Ny
Address: Unknown
Mother: Blanche Shirley Jackson
Born: May 1901 Island Lake Russ Co Wi
Mother works occupation unknown
Brothers: one Brother; Robert number 7419
Descriptive Notes: This child together with younger brother Robert number 7419 was brought to the school by Mrs. Esther K Lee, C.P.S, Minneapolis. The father was very brutal to the mother- pounded her and drove her out of the house and then deserted-indictment out for him for desertion. He is Irish Catholic. The mother was a State School girl from Wi, having been sent there when she was 13 years old by her maternal grandmother. She has been working at different places, has improved a great deal in her health since leaving the father, but does not feel able to support the two children. She is Methodist. Lived at Glen Lake for a number of years. Children both have been vaccinated recently. Placed- Feb 3, 1925. Mar2 1925-Mother inquires about children informed. Adress 1531 22nd Ave No Mpls. April 13, 1925, Mother inquires, informed. Adress 1471 W Como Ave., St Paul.
Okay, I knew that her last address 1471 W Como Ave, was a home for unwed children.  A number of years ago, I had done some research and found that out, today it is a Salvation Army.  My aunt found out that when Blanch dropped the children off at the orphanage, that she went to the unwed mother's home, and had a fourth child (I will explain that in a moment).  She had a child by the name of Natalie, who was also given up, we have no information on her at all.

Okay, going back to explain the fourth child.  In 1921, Henrietta was born, then in 1922 Robert, then 1923, Leonard.  Leonard died in November of 1924, and it was in January that Blanch gave the other two up.

Now to try and explain Blanch, and why I am unable to find her.  Blanch was born in May of 1901 her parents were Albert Haines and Ella Dell.  Her name in the 1905 census was Jennie Haines.  The next time we find her is the 1910 census, living with her mother and stepfather, Oscar Shirley.  She was using the name, Genevieve Shirley.  The next time we find her, is the 1920 census, at the Sparta Home for Children, under the name of Blanche Shirley.  Then in September 1920, she married William, under the name Jennie Haines.  Finally, we have her in Leonard's death record as Blanche Shirley.
I have been calling her Blanche Shirley for over 30 years, so that is the name I will continue to use, so as to not confuse myself.

I am still unable to find Blanche after 1925, but I am finding her parents and grandparents prior to 1910.
Her parent's names were Albert Haines and Ella Dell.  Still nothing on Albert, but I have found information on Ella's.  Ella's parents were named Martin Dell and Helen Stewart.  I have found Martin's birth and death dates, 1840-1913.  Martin was born in Germany, came over about 1849/50.  Martin and Helen married about 1865, having 6 children, George, born 1867, Frank 1868, Jay 1869, John 1874, Lina 1877 and Ella 1882.

This family has been driving me nuts for over 30 years, and I am sure will continue to drive me nuts over the next 30 years.

Thanks to Dorothy Fritz and Caren Lehto for helping me so much with these searches, you guys are invaluable! 

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