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Monday, December 17, 2012

Family Pics

Thorstenson home and family 1897

Duane Leslie Smith 1923-2005

Elvira Randall Dean 
 I am going to do something different today.  I am putting up odds and ends pics over the next few days of family, friends, but especially any historical family pics and documents.  My proof that this is my family!!
Left to right top George, John and Thomas Heyen
left to right bottom Ricka, Gerd, Sedina

Gerd Gerdes Heyen's tombstone

Gerd and Sedina's large tombstone, individual ones off to either side

This is my grandmother's mother

my great grandfather's brother's death cert

Anna Schemm

Anna Schemm Stierhoff's death cert

Joseph Germann

Johann Andreas Stierhoff
Jared Freeland

Stierhoff home in Union Co Ohio   
Jared Freeland

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