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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Proving The Facts

 Why am I posting this?  Have I posted it before (I cannot remember, lol).   Anyway, The James Greene above that married Susannah Lynch is NOT my James Greene.  There are many people who want to include him, but no.
Now what I am about to paste next, I have posted before.
Christopher Green came here in 1817, and settled about half a mile east of the business part of Youngsville borough. In 1820 he removed to Yankee Bush, in Conewango township. James Green (grandfather of Dorwin Green, now a respected resident of Youngsville) also came here in 1817, and for some time kept a shoe shop in the western part of the borough. James Sturdevant, also grandfather of Dorwin Green, came in 1817, and brought Dorwin with him, then an infant. Sturdevant settled on a farm in what is now the western part of the borough.
Okay this definitley gives me the name James Greene and James Sturdevant, now just have to connect the rest of the families.
This is all taken from:  http://ww

Okay, so James Greene, as of this moment, was born, eh, sometime around 1760, and has an unknown wife.  He has one son named here, Christopher Greene, Christopher married Dorothy Sturdevant.

AND Christopher Greene is NOT Christopher Rhodes Greene, yes, they were born the same year, in RI, but they are NOT the same person!!
Christopher Rhodes Greene at Find a Grave
Explain to me, how the one at Find a Grave, who was born 1786 in RI, and died in 1825 in South Carolina, was alive in Warren Pa in the 1850 census??

People who put up information because it fits what they want, sorry folks, do your research, do your work.  We are genealogists, not 12 year olds who copy off of each other's paper.

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