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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

NaNoWri Mo

As a man without forethought scarcely deserves the name of a man, so forethought without reflection is but a metaphorical phrase for the instinct of a beast.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

I was going to write on a number of different things today, but got distracted, but there is one thing I want to begin working on.
In November, I will be joining NaNoWriMo.  What is that? You ask.
National November Writing Month.  Its not really a contest of who gets the best, or does the most.  It is a personal contest if you wish.  Your goal is to write a 50,000 word story in one months time.  Okay, that is alot, but honestly, that is about two thirds or a little less of a novel.  Sometimes they are called novellas.  I am going to be practicing on here all this month, and then devoting all my time to NaNoWriMo, in November.  I realize I need to practice some things first. 

1) Run on sentences, I am horrible about them.
2)  Punctuation, I just never seem to remember, except for commas! (oh and getting rid of parenthesis, and exclamation points)
3) Figuring out a plot, before getting too far with the story.

Here is my idea, a woman, oh, I would say she is about she is about 44, she had been married fairly young, eh, maybe 19.  She and her husband tried for about 5 years to have kids, and they finally had a son.  After her son was born, she found out she had polycystic ovarian syndrome, and was unable to have more children.  So she and her husband threw themselves not only into the life of their son, but into the life of his parents restaurant.   At the moment, I can't decide if it is going to be an Italian family and restaurant, or Greek.  Going to have to research that one. 
When she was 38, and her son was about 14, her husband died somehow, but they had bought his parents out of the restaurant about 6 months before, so she now owned the restaurant. 
Anyway, her son is now about 19 or 20, and he is either a sophmore or junior in college, and he has a girlfriend.  He works at the restaurant on the weekends, and helps out with other things. 
One day, he and his girlfriend decide to go to a flea market for a present for her mother, and they find an old stack of newspapers.  As they are looking through the newspapers, they find a picture of a young woman who looks exactly like his mom.
He knows that his grandmother was adopted, and they only have a couple of vague details, but they believe the newspaper article is a clue.

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