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Thursday, December 15, 2011

I'm tirrrrrrrred!!!!

Well, I am in California. And it's been a very long 24 hours. I stayed up all night left home at 1:15am got to Mexico, Mo at about 2:20am picked up my mom and we headed for St. Louis. Got to St. Louis at around 4am ran a couple of errands (hitting up ATM, etc). Then got to airport at 5am. We unpacked the car then my mom went to park it while I checked us in. Unfortunately, she got lost getting back to us. Actually security wasn't too bad, they only tossed out two bottles of water, letting us keep one bottle, and all snacks. We sat around for a couple hours but was on time.

The first leg of the trip was uneventful, it was when we got to Phoenix that things got interesting. We were staying on the same plane, so I left Jo on the plane going for "real" food. She wanted a burger, but all I could find was express Pizza Hut. To be honest that wasn't bad, I got myself a buffalo chicken pizza and Jo cheesy breadsticks. Would have rather gotten a pepperoni for her but they didn't have those made up yet. So I get back to the plane, make a couple of calls needed to do, finding out that Janda, Jo's granddaughter, missed her flight, so she had to take a later one.

We got to San Jose at noon. This is when it got fun. I sent Jo ahead with a steward as she needs a wheelchair and help, while I dealt with our bags. The airport help didn't realize I was there and took off with her to baggage claim. So now I don't know where she is nor where baggage claim is. How was I going to explain to Jo's son and daughter in law that I lost her!! Fortunately San Jose airport is easy to get around and figure out and I found her.

Then I text the kids that we are here ( we are here, we are here ala Beauty and the Beast). So Danelle comes and gets us and we tried to go by In and Out Burgers but they were so full, we decided to go to Sonic, yum. Got to the house,settled in,then had to pick kids up from school. So we went and got them and Danelle showed me around town. Once we got back to the house Jo and I both crashed and slept a couple of hours. Then Danelle went and got Chinese and we pigged out on that. I am so tired I think I could sleep a week lol. Oh forgot the fun stuff tonight. Jo and I had brought a bunch of gifts for the kids, so just before kids bedtime we turned on music,sang danced,and opened gifts,had a great time.

Wonder what the next two weeks will  bring....

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