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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dream Trip

If you could go anywhere, anywhere in the world, where would it be?  Three years ago I went on one of my dream trips, on an Alaskan Cruise, and trust me, it was as beautiful as you can imagine.

Vancouver, BC, Canada  

I am not for sure which mountain this is, but this is looking south towards Washington State from Vancouver BC.  I saw that mountain, and decided right then and there that if I ever moved to Washington or Vancouver, it would be because of that mountain, its absolutely gorgeous.
What has me on this subject tonight, is that in about 6 hours, I am getting in the van, and driving 3 and half hours to St Louis, so that Jo and I can get on a plane to Hollister, Ca to visit her sons family.  We are going to be "babysitting" five girls between the ages of 8 months to 15.  This coming from a child hating woman, heh.  Honestly I love children, just OTHER people's children (yes, yes, I love my daughter, but she is an adult now, and we are best friends now, completely different story, lol). 
Okay, I refuse to fight, because then someone will come up with "me thinks she protests too much." LOL.  Hollister is in the central northern part of the state, about two hours south of San Fran.  This is my first time ever going out there, so I know I won't get to do the things I would like to do, I am simply going to familiarize myself with Hollister, surrounding towns, and most likely San Jose.  Here are the things I would LOVE to do.
1) Alcatraz, I love history, and that place is nothing but history.  the stories that building could tell.
2) Winchester House, OH YEAH BABY.  I would give almost anything to be able to walk through that house.  The history behind it is just so spooky.
3) The Bay Bridge, which actually, I think I will get to see this, but not for sure.

4)Vasona Park (its a holiday light drive through show) Actually, I am thinking we will most likely do this, as its pretty cheap.
5) Hearst Castle, I dont know much about this place, but it sure sounds interesting.
If you could choose anywhere you wanted to go, where would it be?
My next dream trips are Rhode Island (would be a genealogy trip, as all of my Greene ancestors are from there, and helped establish it).  Ireland, German, and Australia.
Berlin Wall

I realize this is Auschwitz, Poland, but I guess will just have to combine Poland and Germany, lol.     

Opera House Sydney, Australia

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