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Thursday, December 29, 2011

December 29th

Word of the Day:
Pertinacious: Stubborn, unyielding
Quote of the Day:
Most of all the other beautiful thing in life come by twos and threes, by dozens and hundreds.  Plenty of roses, stars, sunsets, rainbows, brothers and sisters, aunts and cousins, but only one mother in the whole world.                            Kate Wiggin
(And I have to argue with this one, as I have one birth mother, and two second mothers that have been apart of my life, and still are).
Today's Bday:
Mary Tyler Moore 1936
my first memory of Mary T Moore is the Mary Tyler Moore show, I was never a huge fan of that show, but I see why it did appeal to alot.  Especially young 20-30 year old girls in the 1970's who were trying to rebel against the stereotype that had been in the womans life for so many years.  The you grow up, might get decent schooling, might work as a nanny, housekeeper, or a secretary, and then you get married and have children.  She was the antithesis of this.  She was a newly divorced young woman who was trying to make it on her own.  She was a secretary yes, but she helped run the tv studio, became close with her coworkers, and became best friends with hippie Rhoda.

But there is a show that MTM did before that, it was the Dick van Dyke show.  I LOVE that one, even enjoy MTM in it.  She bounced well off DvD, they worked well together, and she had her wifely problems (typical of the 50's and 60's comedies).  DvD and MTM shows were such opposite spectrums, you could see her true acting abilities.

A movie I remember her being in was Thoroughly Modern Millie.  I don't remember the character she played, but I remember that it was about a female only apartment building.
And another one I remember, I believe the name was Stolen Babies, she was in charge of an orphanage, and it took place during the 30's (I think) and majority of the babies being put up for adoption had been kidnapped.    But I could be mixing that up with another movie that I know came out in 1988, about a family of a number of children who had been dropped off at an orphanage, but I don't remember much more about that movie.
What is your favorite MTM character or tv show, or movie?

Today in History:

U.S. Forces Kill More Than 200 Lakota Indians
in the Wounded Knee Massacre

On this day in 1890, 500 U.S. troops surround and kill over 200 Lakota Indians in what has become known as the Wounded Knee Massacre.

The Lakota are a Native American tribe made up of seven related Sioux tribes that migrated from the Great Lakes regions to North and South Dakota due to the encroachment of the European settlers.

The initial mission of the Army troops was to escort them to to the railroad for transport to Omaha, Nebraska, however tensions escalated when a deaf tribesman refused to give up his weapon. In the chaos that followed, more than 200 men, women, and children of the Lakota Sioux were dead along with several of the Army troops.
Miniconjou Chief Big Foot lies dead in the snow. He was among the first to die on December 29, 1890

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