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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Achterhuis or The Secret Annex

When I was nine years old, a really good friend of mine moved away, and her family had a rummage sale before leaving.
Now, I have always been an avid reader since I can remember.  The family had a number of books, including about 6-8 schoolbooks the older girls (April, Robyn, and Lisa) had schoolbooks that they had gotten to keep.  So, I grabbed I believe about 3 of the reading classes one.
One of the stories in one of the books was a play based on Anne Frank's Diary.
Today is the anniversary of when Anne, her family, the Van Pel's family and Dr Fritz Pfeffer, were found in their hiding place, and arrested by the Gestapo, and taken to Westerbork.

Anne was a child with a vivid imagination and a prolific writer.  I have a book of stories that she wrote, you can tell they were written by a child's hand, but if she had lived, she would have honed, and become a wonderful author.
She held no hatred or malice towards the people who were causing her pain, and eventually her death.  She understood that there are a type of people in this world that had no love or contentment within their own heart, and had to take it out on others.

What is usually written about Anne is the time in the Secret Annex, and then what little is known about during her few months in concentration camps.  Yes, her writing, and personality are touched on, but truly spoken about, with indepth? No.  The book I have that contains her small stories is in storage, otherwise I would comment on each story.  But it has been over a year since I read it, and I am unable to remember them very well.

I found this article the other day:
I Saw Anne Frank Die
Her story is so heartbreaking, but I am glad to know that Anne had someone with her when she passed.

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