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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Better Late than Never

Okay, its been WAY too long since I even glanced at this blog, for any reason.  Genealogy, my calendar of days, or keeping you guys updated in what is going on, but I have a somewhat good excuse, we moved.
We now live in Indianapolis, and before and after the move has been so busy, even now, some days I don't know what to do first.
Of course before the move I was making sure everyone had proper ID's, birth certs, had the house packed, and had everything all neat and tidy.  Well, I missed something.  Marvin did NOT have any type of proper ID, no social security card, no photo ID, nada.  We do have his birth cert and his military discharge papers (his DD214)  Those help, but they aren't getting us a proper photo ID.
I guess I should tell you who Marvin is in the first place, lol.
As you all know, and most of you know, I live with Jo and Oak.  They are basically my foster parents, I have known them since I was around 14 or 15, and they have been there for me off and on throughout my life.  My mom and Jo are best friends, eachother, and Oak, trust eachother with their lives, and well, Jo and Oak owe my mom a lifelong debt.
Back in 2010, I was in a bad situation, coming out of a bad relationship, and was kind of floundering in life, and needed a place to hide and recuperate, and Jo had had a stroke a year before, and Oak was out on the road as a truck driver.  Jo needed someone to be in the home with her, helping her with things, making sure she took her meds, went to the doctor, and kept up with the household duties etc.  Perfect, I needed a place, and Jo needed me.  We have made ourse
lves a bit of a family of sorts.
Marvin is Jo's brother.  At nearly the same time that I moved in, Marvin had a heart attack, now he was living in Ohio at the time.  Long story short, Jo and Marvin had not seen eachother since 1985, since their mothers death.  Well, when he had his heart attack, he had Jo as his next of kin to contact.  So they were finally in contact with eachother again.  They corresponded quite frequently by phone over the next year.  He was in a nursing home in Columbus, Ohio, we were in Missouri.  In July 2011, we went to Ohio to visit family and friends, and met up with Marvin, Jo decided she wanted to move Marvin closer to us, so we put him in a nursing home in Shelbina, where we were living.  But he wanted a forever home, instead of nursing home after nursing home.
We were going to build a room and so forth onto the house we were living in, but a few things happened, and it made it more feasible, and cheaper to move to Indy.  So we made the move here.
I guess because of Marvins numerous moves, and misappropriation of documents, he no longer has an ID, or his SS card, so we are working on getting those cleared up.
We have lived in Indy two weeks today.  Marvin is a diabetic, and has ulcers on his legs, nothing major, just actually skin tears that arent healing well.  I was working on wrapping them, and keeping them healthy, and apparently I didn't do such a hot job, they didnt become stage two, nor did they become much worse, but there were bandages stuck to him, that needed a wet to dry treatment, and I didn't have the ways of doing that.  It was giving me the willies to see his legs, they looked much worse with the bandages on, then they do without!
So I was searching for a walkin clinic yesterday to take him to, but of course with still no photo ID, we had to end up at the ER.  They have decided to keep him, just for observation, wound management, (and teach me how to do it properly) and basically keep an eye on his heart and his kidneys since he is a diabetic, and has had two heart attacks.  I don't mind, it gives me a chance to learn what I need to do for him properly, and the social worker here will also help me push some of the things through that others are a bit more hesitant, or wanting to be slow about.  (Getting his social security card, getting his medicare switched to Indiana, etc).
So at the moment I am in Marvins hospital room watching out a window, and honestly, except for slowly learning Indy, and getting lost frequently (even with a GPS, lol), I am enjoying Indy.
I promise to keep more update on this blog, I realize I have very few followers, and anyone interested in my ramblings, but it allows me the chance to get things off my chest.

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