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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rookie Mistake!

Okay, I am going to start at the beginning.
They tell us when you are either writing a story, or getting your family history together, start with what you know.
When someone asks me, "What do I need to do to find my history?" Of course I say, start with  yourself and go backwards.
Well, that is what I am going to do today.  I will first do my dads side, (since its much shorter, and easier to keep track of the names!)

1) Me (smiley face) b 25 June 1973 Mexico, Mo

2) Dad (Jerry Lee Heyen) b 9 Jan 1949 Kilbourne, Ill

3) Charles George Heyen b 22 Nov 1914 Humboldt, Ne d 25 Dec 2001 Carthage, Mo
3) Sybil Henrietta Scott b 23 June 1921 Glen Lake, Mn d 11 June 2008
Okay, I have to stop here, grandma was adopted, so I am also going to put her birth name, and as far back as I have found on her birth family
3) Henryetta Blanche Jackson (same dates as above)

(birth family)
4) William Henry Jackson b 1878 Chateaugay, Ny d unknown (possibly MN)
4) Blanche Gertrude Shirley b 1901 d unknown

5) Paul Jackson b 1856 Ny (possibly Chateaugay, Ny) d 1899 MN
5) Kate LaGrave b 21 Jan 1857  Franklin Center, Quebec d unknown

6) Louis LaGrave b 1819 Quebec, Canada
6) Helen b unknown Scotland

We had been told from what we could discern from the orphanage/adoption papers, that grandmother family was Scottish, so I guess that comes from Helen?

(adopted family)
4) Henry Anders/Andrew Scott b 1 April 1880 Otter Tail Co, Mn d 26 Dec 1955 Douglas, Mn
4) Sarah Laurense Thorstenson b 13 Aug 1885 Battle Lake, Mn d 14 June 1941 Battle Lake, Mn

4) Thomas Gerd Heyen b 28 July 1885 Nemaha, Ne d July 1974 Louisiana, Mo
4) Betty Florence Boehm b 10 Mar 1890 Oakford, Ill d 15 Dec 1975 Louisiana, Mo

5) Andreas N Scott b Jun 1843 Denmark d
5) Anna Juliun b 1843 Denmark d unknown

5) Cark Olaf Thorstenson b 13 Oct 1846 Eidsvold, Norway d 16 Dec 1931 Battle Lake, Mn
5) Mina Hansdatter/son b 12 Dec 1853 Loken, Norway

5) Gerd Gerdes (Gerjets) Heyen b 7 Nov 1843 Strackholt, Ger d 27 Nov 1922 Deshler, Ne
5) Seedina Seeden Freeman b 6 Aug 1850 Ostfriesland, Ger d 18 Feb 1929 Deshler, Ne

5) Gustave Boehm b Dec 1848 Saxony, Ger d 6 May 1935 Oakford, Ill
5) Mary Emma Aden b 26 June 1856 Oakford, Ill d 24 Nov 1931 Oakford, Ill

6) Thorsten Hermanson b 1801 Fejring, Norway d unknown
6) Else Mikklesdatter b 1806 Eidsvold, Norway d unknown

6) Hans Martin Hanson b 9 Dec 1815 Ovre Egeland, Norway d 25 Aug 1890 Kvinnesdal, Norway
6) unknown

6) Magnus Boehm b 1 Feb 1825 Germany d 15 Aug 1901 Menard Co, Ill
6) Johannah Eberlien b 1 Aug 1826 Germany d 6 Aug 1908 Oakford, Ill

6) Henry Aden b 1818 Hanover, Germany, d 28 Sep 1895 Oakford, Ill
6) Mary Corman b 1819 Hanover, Germany d 26 Feb 1898 Oakford, Ill

And that is all she wrote on this family, it isnt much, Im still working on it, but at least its a beginning (even if I have been working on it for over 20 years now!)

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