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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Life Likes to Change

I am moving to Indianapolis.  I don't know anything about it except for one thing.  Back in the 70's there was a tv show called One Day At a Time, and it was based there.  Yep, thats all I know.  I know that President Harrison is from there, but that still doesn't tell me much, lol.
City Name: Indianapolis
Nickname: Racing Capital of the World
Incorporation Date: April 15th 1821
Population: 785,597
Metro Area Population: 1,984,644
Elevation: 715 feet
Average High Temperature: Jan 35°F / July 86°F
Average Low Temperature: Jan 19°F / July 65°F
Time Zone: Eastern

Some facts:
 The first long-distance auto race in the U. S. was held May 30, 1911, at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The winner averaged 75 miles an hour and won a 1st place prize of $14,000. Today the average speed is over 167 miles an hour and the prize is more than $1.2 million. Indianapolis Motor Speedway is the site of the greatest spectacle in sports, the Indianapolis 500. The Indianapolis 500 is held every Memorial Day weekend in the Hoosier capital city. The race is 200 laps or 500 miles long.
 During WWII the P-47 fighter-plane was manufactured in Evansville at Republic Aviation.

 Marcella Gruelle of Indianapolis created the Raggedy Ann doll in 1914. This is a very special one to me, I use to collect them when I was little.
 James Dean, a popular movie star of the 1950s in such movies as "East of Eden" and "Rebel without a Cause", was born February 8, 1941, in Marion. He died in an auto crash at age 24.
David Letterman, host of television's "Late Show with David Letterman," was born April 12, 1947, in Indianapolis.
True to its motto, "Cross Roads of America" Indiana has more miles of Interstate Highway per square mile than any other state. The Indiana state Motto, can be traced back to the early 1800s. In the early years river traffic, especially along the Ohio, was a major means of transportation. The National Road, a major westward route, and the north-south Michigan Road crossed in Indianapolis. Today more major highways intersect in Indiana than in any other state.
Indian means "Land of the Indians".
Indiana was part of the huge Northwest Territory, which included present day Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin, which were ceded to the United States by the British at the end of the Revolutionary war.
Ft. Wayne, Indiana's 2nd Largest city, had its beginnings in 1794, after the Battle of Fallen Timbers, when General "Mad Anthony" Wayne built Ft. Wayne on the site of a Miami Indian village.
At one time Studebaker Company of South Bend was the nation's largest producer of horse-drawn wagons. It later developed into a multimillion-dollar automobilemanufacturer.
Thomas Hendricks, a Democrat from Shelbyville, served Indiana as a United States Senator, a United States representative, governor, and as Vice President under Grover Cleveland. Indiana has been the home of 5 vice presidents and one president.
In 1934 Chicago Gangster John Dillinger escaped the Lake Country Jail in Crown Point by using a "pistol" he had carved from a wooden block.
Before Indianapolis, Corydon served as the state's capitol from 1816-1825. Vincennes was the capital when Indiana was a territory.
In 1862, Richard Gatling, of Indianapolis, invented the rapid-fire machine gun.
The Indiana Gazette Indiana's first newspaper was published in Vincennes in 1804.
At one time 12 different stagecoach lines ran through Indiana on the National Road. (Now U.S. Interstate 40)
 The Saturday Evening Post is published in Indianapolis.
Comedian Red Skelton, who created such characters as Clem Kadiddlehopper, and Freddie the Freeloader, was born in Vincennes.
The first event at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was a helium gas-filled balloon competition on Saturday, June 5, 1909, more than two months before the oval was completed.
The Indianapolis Zoo houses over 4,000 animals and is home to the state’s largest aquarium.
It also has the country’s firs totally submerged, underwater dolphin viewing dome.
Indianapolis was designated as the “Crossroads of America” in 1847 because a railroad was
built and was the first to have all its lines meet in one union station in the city.
John Dillinger – the famous gangster – is buried in the Crown Hill Cemetery.
Garfield Park Conservatory and Sunken Gardens is the oldest park in Indianapolis and is on
the National Register of Historic Places. It features animals, plants and a fifteen-foot granite

Indianapolis will be quite a change from Shelbina, Mo, but I lived in St Louis for ten years, so I think I can handle it, lol.

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