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Thursday, January 19, 2012

January is half over!!

I am a horrible, horrible person, one of my new years resolutions was to write on the blog if not every day, as often as possible.  And I have failed! Woe is me, lol.  Well okay, I have an excuse (sort of).  On January first I found out that was having a really good sale ($49 for 6 months!!) So I grabbed it, and have been going nuts on there since then, lol.  I have worked on putting three trees on there (Heyen/Scott, Smith/Ziemmer, Kratochvil/Holtkamp) for the three families I devote time to. 
But since I had all my notes, and files out, I started working on other families I play with too.
One of them is a family that my mom, my dad, and various brothers and sisters of each were close with. 
They were Cave and Eula (Kellerhals) Marshall.
When my mom first moved to Mo in 1971, she met Eula.  Eula was old enough to be my moms grandmother (she was born 1903).  They were inseparable, back then, it was Georgi and Eula, Eula and Georgi.  Well, when just before I was born, Eula made me a teddy bear, and just days after I was born, Eula died.
I had that Teddy Bear until last summer (the idiot dog decided it was a chew toy, urgh!)  Anyway, I have played with that family's genealogy for a couple of years now, just out of curiosity.  A year ago I found out that my rth great grandmother was named Mary Marshall, and I have just played with the idea of perhaps being related.  Long shot, it is such a common name, but hey, why not.
Okay, here is what I have found so far today (lots!!)
This is Cave's brother, and I remember him, and my parents talked about him quite often, he died when I was six.  I remembering visiting him in the nursing home.  I don't remember his wife, so she must have died either before I was born, or when I was tiny.

Name: Carter W Marshall
Age: 30
Birth Date: abt 1901
Marriage Date: 11 Jun 1931
Marriage Location: Clayton, St Louis, Missouri
Marriage County: St Louis
Spouse Name: Floy E Young  

 World War 1 Draft Reg Card:
Name: Carter Whitney Marshall
County: Audrain
State: Missouri
Birth Date: 14 Dec 1898
Race: White
FHL Roll Number: 1683090 

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