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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lazy Bones

Why don't I feel like keeping up with this blog? I had such high hopes for it, but of course as with anything, my excitement fizzled. Egads!
Today was very frustrating, give you a backstory on my life. A year and half ago (well until June of 2010) I was in a bad living arrangement, basically an abusive relationship, so I bailed. I was able to get in touch with some friends of my moms, and they told me to be here yesterday. They are Jo and Oak. Oak is a truck driver, and he and Jo have been married for 20 years, Jo is 67 years old, has had three strokes, numerous little heart attacks and one mildly serious one. A year ago (Oct 2010) she had a stint put in, and then carotid artery surgery. Well, I moved in with Jo and Oak in June of 2010, basically to take care of Jo while Oak is gone.
I do basically everything, cooking, cleaning, taking care of the animals, any running of errands, and anything else that needs to be taken care of. Also this past summer (July 2011) we moved Jo's brother, Marvin, from a nursing home in Columbus to one here in Shelbina, so by extension, I also take care of anything he needs taken care of.
Okay, about Jo, she also has a nurse that comes in every Wednesday, that takes care of little details, any blood draws, checking of blood pressures, and setting her meds up for the week. I am NOT an LPN or RN, I am ONLY a CNA (certified nurses aide). A few years ago I did take a medication class to learn how to pass meds, so I am able to do that.
Okay, I do not mind helping her nurses out with things, such as, calling in prescriptions for Jo, or picking them up, details like that. There is one nurse tho that drives me NUTS!! She keeps making mistakes and doing silly things. Sometimes she will double up on a med, or not put enough in, or even last week, she NEVER called the meds in! So last night I just happened to look over Jo's meds, to see what needed to be done, and we needed meds, none of them ordered, AND they also needed to be asked by the doctor for refills! UGH, so of course when I went by the pharmacy this morning, everything needed to be ordered. So when the other nurse (thank goodness for Jamie!)I talked to her about it, and she gave me the number to call and kvetch about the dingbat nurse, and commiserated with me, and made sure everything was taken care of.
Here we are, getting ready to leave for California in two weeks, and I am trying really hard to make sure everything is taken care of, and they do this to me, urgh, NO!
But I have our suitcases packed (I know its early, but they arent the clothes we wear on a daily basis, we both wear either pj's or shorts and tshirts most days, with throwing jeans on if I have to run errands). And if I want to wear something that its in the suitcase, just will make sure its clean again before we leave, lol. I have been doing laundry all day, on the last two loads now, and will throw everything on the couch, and fold them little while later.
I still need to clean my closet out, urgh, that is so trashed, and such a mess, need to just take a dumpster in and trash it all. I wish the door way was big enough to move my largest bookshelf in there, but it isn't, but I can get the other bookshelves in there, and one of these days Im truly going to organize it really nicely.

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