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Monday, November 7, 2011

Montana Admission Day

November 8th
(before I go any further, let me state, I am sitting here watching tv on November 7, 2011, and Conrad Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. I believe that is a just verdict.)

Montana Admission Day
Spanish word montaña, which means mountain. Montana was part of the US territory on May 26, 1864 (Montana Territory), and many parts of what are now Montana were part of Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Dakota Territories. It became an official state in 1889.

Cook Something Bold and Pungent Day
I wish I could!! I am a live in aide for an older woman, so it just isnt possible, she doesn't like unusual, strange, different or spicy foods at all. (She was 16 before she tried pizza, and threw it away the first time she got the chance to have it!)
But if I could do it, I would more than likely do alot of Indian, Italian, German and spicier Mexican foods, oh and my Chinese, YUM!!
Some recipes I would try out:



those are just a few of what I would like to try!
What is something you would like to try?

X-Ray Discovery Day
Yesterday was Madame Curie's bday, but she is NOT the one who created X-Rays, but she did work with them very closely. The person tho that created x-rays is Wilhelm Roentgen in Germany in 1895. He is also the one who gave them the name "X-rays", though many referred to these as "Röntgen rays" for several decades after their discovery and to this day in some languages, including Röntgen's native German.

Today in history:
1638: Anne Hutchinson banished from Massachusetts for her religious beliefs
1731: Benjamin Franklin opened the first Library in Philly (and the entire US) (Thank you very much Mr, Franklin!)
1805: Lewis and Clark reach the Pacific Ocean
1837: Mount Holyoke Seminary in Massachusetts opens, first womens college.
1910: First Washington State Election for women to vote
1925: Hitler Stages unsuccessfully "Beer Hall Putsch" in Munich

1656: Edmund Halley
1900: Margaret Mitchell
1909: Katherine Hepburn
1922: Christiaan Barnard; S African First heart transplant surgeon
1922: Esther Rolle
1924: Joe Flynn
1931: Morley Safer
1949: Bonnie Raitt
1951: Mary Hart
1952: Christie Ann Hefner (Hugh Hefner's daughter)
1961: Leif Garrett
1967: Courtney Thorne- Smith

1674: John Milton (wrote Paradise Lost)
1935: Elisabeth Forster Nietzsche
1978: Norman Rockwell
2011: Joe Frazier; Boxer

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