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Friday, February 24, 2012


Merrick Sturdivant — Member of the Sturdivant Gang convicted of passing counterfeit money in 1819.
     Relatives: Roswell and Stephen Sturdivant, brothers; Azor Sturdivant, father; James Strudivant, grandfather.
    Source: Ron Nelson. April 1998. The Raid on Sturdivant's Fort. Springhouse

With Mr. Sturdevant as the human agency, the little church of eleven members gathered and organized the Braintrim Baptist church, May 24, 1794. The members were: Samuel Sturdevant, Sarah Sturdevant, Joseph Wescot, Hannah Wescot, Jedediah Coon, Olive Coon, Azor Sturdevant, Fear Sturdevant, Noah Sturdevant, Molly Sturdevant, and Samuel Sturdevant, Jr. They and those who followed them have maintained throughout the past two centuries their testimony to the world that the Gospel of our blessed Lord is able to save to the uttermost, all them who come unto God by Him.
In June 1794, the new organization licensed Samuel Sturdevant to preach and on October 25 of the same year, ordained him to the work of the Gospel ministry at a Council convened to take into consideration "setting him apart by solemn ordination to the work of the Gospel Ministry." Rev. Sturdevant was in the fifty-fourth year of his age and had on his hands a numerous family, for whom he must necessarily provide.

Black Walnut, Penna.

Located where Meshoppen and Braintrim Townships meet of Rt. 6 on Rt. 241

Sturdevant, Elijah, Mrs., d. 10 July 1868 72y
Sturdevant, Elijah, Rev., d. 7 Nov 1872 76y 2m 1d;
 Sturdevant, Elisha, d. 18 Aug 1855 58y 11m 12d;
 Sturdevant, Hubert G., d. 13 Oct 1862 28y 2m;
 Sturdevant, Ira J., Rev., d. 21 Aug 1907 85y;
 Sturdevant, Lewis J., son of Eld. and Fanny, d. 23 Sept 1854 23y 9m 11d
Sturdevant, Samuel, 30 Aug 1741 - 9 Apr 1828 Pvt. 2nd Conn. Reg. Revolutionary War;

Braintrim Twp., Wyo. Co., Penna.

   This little old abandoned cemetery is located on the steep bank back of the village of Skinner's Eddy off the extension eastward of the town of Laceyville, overlooking the community, U. S. Route 6, and the majestic Susquehanna beyond. The cemetery was commenced some years later than the Black Walnut burying ground, further down the river, where so many members of the family of Rev. Samuel Sturdevant lie buried. The entire area is now fully served by the Lacey Street Cemetery, on the river above Laceyville.

 Keeney, Mary H. Sturdevant, wife of James A., d. 26 Mar 1884 56y
Elizabeth Sturdevant, h/w, 1835 -1921
Sturdevant, Clara, 1 Apr 1800 - 17 Sept 1858
Sturdevant, Elizabeth, See James M. Robinson
Sturdevant, Elizabeth, wife of Samuel, 22 July 1773 CT - 25 Aug 1833 63y
Sturdevant, Elizabeth A., dau. of Samuel and Sarah, 2 June 1816 - 17 Aug 1842
Sturdevant, J. Wesley, son of John and Sarah E., d. 26 July 1847 (Rest of stone buried in the ground)
Sturdevant, Peter B., d. 5 Apr 1861 66y 2m;
Sturdevant, Sarah E., wife of John, d. 21 Feb 1848 55y 6m 24d

. James Sturdevant Sr.
Early Connecticut Marriages Early Connecticut Marriages: First Book Norfolk New Haven Second Church page 66 James Sturdivant & Rachel Brown, Aug. 11, 1784
1880 Census - Porter, Delaware, Ohio
Page Number 454A
Name                     Relation  Marital Status  Gender  Race  Age  Birthplace    Occup.     Father's Birth   Mother's Birth
Jas. STURDIVANT   Self        S                  Male       W     67       PA          Farmer           CT                 PA
Mary STURDIVANT Mother W                Female     W     87       PA     Cannot Work      PA                 PA
"...In James' will proved in Braintrim, Luzern Co., PA, he mentions not only Rachel, but his son by Rachel, named Marshall. He gives his occupation as "yeoman." The only other son mentioned in his will is son Azor who followed in his father's footsteps in the counterfeiting business. None of the other children are mentioned at all. Perhaps he didn't feel a need to as they had all received their portions long ago..."      Janice (Yahoo, Sturdevant group webmaster)
**All the above given to me by my cousin, Gary Sturdevant
Listed in Rolls of Ct. Men in the French and Indian War. Ed. By Albert C. Bates. Hartford, Ct, 1903, 1905. (2v.):9:57
Birth Date: 173?
Birthplace: Connecticut
Volume: 171
Page Number: 459

who is James' father??? this is driving me out of my mind!!

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