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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pa Rellies

 Conewango history
In the mean time, while the town had increased but slowly in population,
the township had become quite populous, and a number of well-improved farms
were already to be seen. The first assessment under the new condition of
affairs was made in 1822, and the following list embraces the names, etc., of
the resident taxables in town and township during that year:
Green, John.
Green, Christopher. (my 5th great grandfather)
Green, Parker.
Green, Edmond.
Dalrymple, Mark C, distillery, value $400.
Dalrymple, Wm.
Olney, Rulus.
Olney, Stephen, Senr. (married to Nancy Greene)
Olney, Stephen, Jr.
Olney, Wm., carpenter.
Sturdevant, James, Jr. (my 6th great grandfather)

in 1844
Conewango was reduced to about its present limits. It is centrally located in
the county, the Conewango Creek forming its eastern boundary.

In 1832 the town of Warren was erected into a borough, and at this time
the interests of the two—town and township—in civil affairs became separated.
Separate assessment rolls were made out in 1833, and from them we learn that
Conewango's taxables, including that part across the creek afterwards attached
to Glade, were as follows.
Dalrymple, Corning, 234 acres.
Dalrymple, Joseph, 50 acres.
Green, Parker, 50 acres.
Green, Christopher, 250 acres.
Olney, John, 100 acres.
Olney, Stephen, 185 acres.
Sturdevant, William, 150 acres.
Sturdevant, James, 100 acres.

Court House Vital Records - Marriage Indexes

Book 1
1885 - 1889
Pages 176 - 350

241 B Sturdevant Clifton Volney M
269 B Green Martha E F
238 B Green Inez
285 A Green Rosetta
342 Crouch Minnie M F  

643 Green Luella May F

11 A Green Evelyn J F
Green Frances A F

87 Green Dorwin
348 Green S Romaine F
474 Greene Lena B F

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