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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Greene mess

Name: Electa Greene
Birth: 11 Jul 1810 - Spafford, Onondaga, New York, USA
Marriage: 1830 - Spring Creek, Warren, PA
Death: 12 Sep 1864 - Eldred, Warren, Pennsylvania, USA
Residence: 1860 - Spring Creek, Warren, Pennsylvania
Sources: Y
Saved Records: Y
Photos: Yes:
Tree Name: Albert Anson Applebee
(Possible sister of Christopher Greene, daughter of John Greene and Mary Hill)

ALBERT H. GREEN, farmer, was born in Warren county, Pa., in 1850; married Emma Butts, of Brokenstraw, in 1871, and came to Harmony in 1878. Halsey Green, his father, was born in 1816; married Serena Crouch, of Sugar Grove, Pa., and lives at Youngsville, Pa. (Halsey is Christopher's son)

A. C. GREENE, farmer, post-office Harmony, was born in Chautauqua in 1835, and in 1838 came to Harmony with his parents. In 1857 he married Adeline Moore, of Chautauqua. James Greene, his father, was born in Tompkins county in 1808. His mother was Eunice Cheney.
 (unknown person at moment, may not even be related, but eh, will see who this is)

taken from:

Warren County, Pennsylvania, Genealogy Brokenstraw Township

Brokenstraw township was organized as "Number Four" on March 8, 1821.

Christopher Green
came here in 1817, and settled about half a mile east of the business part of
Youngsville borough. In 1820 he removed to Yankee Bush, in Conewango
township. James Green (grandfather of Dorwin Green, now a respected resident
of Youngsville) also came here in 1817, and for some time kept a shoe
shop in the western part of the borough. James Sturdevant, also grandfather
of Dorwin Green, came in 1817, and brought Dorwin with him, then an infant.
Sturdevant settled on a farm in what is now the western part of the
Okay this definitley gives me the name James Greene and James Sturdevant, now just have to connect the rest of the families.
 The site
of the American House was first used for hotel purposes about 1827 by
Charles Whitney. Among his successors were Abraham Wilson, Thomas
Turner, Dorwin Green and others. A short time previous to 1850 it burned
and the present structure was erected by William Mead
  Dorwin Green bought the property afterwards of the estate of John
Siggins, and entertained the traveling public hospitably for a period, when he was
succeeded, in November, 1879, by the present proprietor, C. H. Gregory, who
besides keeping a first-class house deals extensively in horses and other live
stock, carriages, wagons, etc. The house will comfortably accommodate
thirty guests.

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