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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Buffum possibilities

The officers elected for 1890 are as follows: Justice of the peace, E. Whitling; constable and collector, A. H. Smith; treasurer, C. S. Leech; auditor, A. B. Watson: clerk, J. A. Scott; road commissioner, A. K. Shipe; school directors. L. Burkhart, A. B. Niller; judge, W. Seigworth; inspectors, J. S. Williams, J. E. McClellan. The first assessment roll of Jenks township in possession of Clerk Brennan is that of 1852, by Cyrus Blood, assessor. Among the names of residents given thereon are James Anderson, an alien, and his son, the former owning 544 acres, and the latter a yoke of oxen; Thomas Anderson, Isaac Allen and William Armstrong, lot owners in Marienville; Cyrus Blood, owning 1,973 acres, 1 cow, 2 horses and a gold watch; K. L. Blood, 300 acres; Aaron Brockway, 160 acres, 1 yoke of oxen and 5 cows; U. H. Brockway, 2 cows and 137 acres; Russell Buffum, 210 acres, 2 horses and 4 cows; Ben Buffum, 1 cow; Stephen Buffum, 100 acres, oxen and cow; D. H. Burton, 50 acres; Oran Bennett, oxen and 80 acres; D. Buchanan, 150 acres; D. W. Burke, 100 acres and lot in Marienville; A. D. Beck, a lot in Marienville; also Peter Clover, W. W. Corbet, William Coon, Rufus Dodge, Bennett Dobbs, Dr. J. Dowling and Sam. C. Espy, lot owners in Marienville; James Eldridge, 869 acres, 2 horses, oxen and 3 cows; David Eldridge, 100 acres; Dan. Earl, 1 horse; John Gilfoyle, 100 acres; John D. Hunt, 874 acres, 3 yoke of oxen and 3 cows; C. D. Hart, 186 acres, oxen and cow; J. H. Hershman and Ralph Hill, single men; Isaac Heath, 60 acres; Michael Imhoos, a cow; N. H. Jones, 220 acres and 2 horses; John P. Jones, 480 acres, oxen, horse, cow and silver watch; G. McLaughlin and J. S. :McPherson, lots in Marienville; John Nees (or Nuss), yoke of oxen; Thomas Porter, oxen and cow; Benj. Sweet, tutor, 100 acres; Dan. Stowe, Abram Winsor and John Wynkoop, lots in Marien; William Walton. James Pickman and Thomas Nugent. Urial H. Brockway was appointed collector. The assessed value of seated lands was $9,531, and of unseated lands, $30,128.

Above is taken from which is Forest County
Okay, listed above is Russell Buffum, Ben Buffum, Stephen Buffam, Oran Bennett (my Orin!).  Russell is father in law of Orin, so Ben and Stephen are either brothers or sons of Russell......eeeeeeeegads!!
What lead me to searching this, I knew that Elizabeth Buffums fathers name was Russell, so I searched him on ancestry, with bdate around 1800.  I found a Russell Buffum, born 1803, living in Jenks, Jefferson, Pa.  Well, I remembered that Orin had lived in Jefferson County at one time.  They are separate counties now (Forest and Jefferson) but Jenks and Tionesta were at one time, both in Jefferson (now they are both in Forest).
Orin and Elizabeth in 1850 were living in Tionesta, and Russell and his wife Virginia and two children, Emeline and Alonzo.
Now whats next to find?

IRA HOGLE, farmer, P. O. Clark's Corners, Ohio, was born September 10, 1818, m 
the State of New York, and is a son of William Hogle, who came to Erie County when 
our subject was a small boy. He settled in Springfield Township, and was one of the 
prominent men of the county. He raised a family of ten children, and died about 1848. 
Ira Hogle was united in marriage, February 32, 1844, with Miss Pattie Pope, who died 
March 18 1880. Six children were born to this union, two of whom died in infancy. The 
survivors are Flora (wife of Henry C. Dow), Wallace W., Ida B., Guy S. Mr. Hogle 
married for his second wife, December 13, 1880, Mrs. Elizabeth Bennett, widow of Oren 
Bennett, and daughter of Russell Buffum, of Ashtabula County, Ohio. She was the 
mother of seven children by her first husband, viz., Mary A. (wife of Alfred Zimmerman), 
Joseph R,, Olive B. (now the wife of E. Randall), Charles D., Emma J. (now the wife of 
Frank Washburn), William A. and John. Mr. Hogle has 153 acres of finely improved 
land. During the war he held the office of Town Commissioner. Three of his brothers 
engaged in the war — Manvill was killed at the battle of Lookout Mountain, but Horace 
and Hossa returned home after the conflict; both are now living in Ohio. Our subject is 
a Republican in politics, and during the war aided the Union by his able administration 
as Commissioner. 

1850 Jenks census
7 7 Russell Buffum 47 M Farmer   NY  
    Virginia 41 F     NH  
    Emeline 12 F     Ohio  
    Alonzo 10 M     Ohio  
8 8 Benjamin Buffum 68 M Farmer 1000 NH  
    Elizabeth 66 F     NJ  
9 9 Stephen Buffum 45 M Farmer 800 NY  
    Polly 42 F     Conn  
    Lucretia 16 F     Ohio Y
    Treat 10 M     Ohio Y
    Juliet 7 F     Pa Y

Okay, this tells me that either Ben is his father, or older brother, either way its a good chance!


Snyder Township. Isaac Ingalls.
Pine Creek Township. Samuel Howe.
Jenks Township. Russell Buffum. 

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