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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Year in Preview

Hmmmm, what has this past year been for me?
Fun, crazy, boring, and just plain life.
As alot of you know, back in June of 2010, I moved in with Jolela and her husband.  Jo has been friends with my mom since my early teens.  They worked at a factory together, and found out they were both from Ohio (we were living in Mexico, Mo at the time).  They felt an instant kinship, and the friendship flourished from there on.
May of 2009, Jo and Oak were living in Shelbina, Mo, Oak is a truck driver, and he was out on the road.  My mom came to see Jo for the weekend, and she found Jo stumbling around the house, the house was trashed, and things just didn't feel right.  Jo had had a stroke.  Mom got Jo to the hospital, and family notified.  I was living in St Louis at the time, having gone through a bad marriage, and was moving in with a friend.  If I had known what the year (May 2009-May 2010) would bring, I would have offered to move in with Jo then.

I will not say that my life sucked, nor that it was bad, but the friend and I, we were better of being friends, NOT roommates.  We were too opposite, I am a slob, she is a neat freak (she has a love affair with her vacuum cleaner, lol.)
Well, in May of 2010, a few different things happened that just made me stand there and realize I had to do something different with my life, but I had no clue what it would be.  I called my mom, and she wondered if Jo and Oak would put me up til I figured out what to do with my life.  She called Oak, and found out that Jo was at home by herself, and needed someone in the home with her, making sure she ate right, got to the doctors, and basically was 24 hour care for her.
Thus began a journey I never expected.  I am now living full time with Jo and Oak.  Oak is still out on the road, and even tho I don't get *paid* for living here and taking care of Jo, I do get about a $100-125 stipend a month.  But I get free room and board, whatever I want to eat, free reign of the car, so its a pretty good deal.
When I first moved in, I worked at a nursing home here in town, but then Jo had a heart attack (that she denies actually happened, but she was in the hospital for two weeks, having a stint put in, and then a few weeks later having her carotid artery operated on.) So I quit the job to be a 24 hour aide for Jo, we argue, we fight, and we love eachother.  We are there for eachother, driving each other nuts, but thats okay, she is alive and kicking, and ready to kick my butt when she feels I need it (and I do the same for her, lol)
So, the past year?
We have been to Ohio, seen Jo and Oak renew their vows (on their 20 year anniversary), and we are leaving for California in a week.
We have had Family Day, Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving, moved Jo's brother from Ohio to a nursing home here in town, as Jo and him are the last of their family.
I have made some really yummy meals, and made some doozies that we never want to think of again, lol.
I have rearranged this house within an inch of its life, cleaned, messed things up, changed the way things are done, changed them back, rearranged cabinets (literally, even moving counters and cabinets that werent nailed down to another side of the kitchen, lol)
We have lost Ike, one of the pitties, he was a sweetheart, but he had a backend problem (his butt kept falling out) and finally had to be put down. But we got fortunate, we were able to get a puppy of Ike's and we had Gigi for four months, but she got out a hole in the fence, and was run over.  Miss you cuddle bug!!
And then we had the wedding, but I can't seem to get the vids to upload, but we do have them!!

Had a new baby born Hayden Donna Marie Kistner, born April 1, 2010.

Then we had a tornado!  I forgot about the tornado, it shut our town down for nearly a week!
On June 26th, Sunday night about 1230am, two tornadoes went through the area.  It took our shingles, destroyed alot of trees, and other things, we were fortunate, some people trees went through their houses, or landed on their cars.
Well this is in the wrong spot, but it wont let me do what I want! Im still learning this!
And I have lost my tornado pics, and I know they are here somewhere, just saw them a couple of days ago, stupid computer!!
Let me see, Oh and we went to Ohio, but I think those pictures are on my facebook, lol.  And then we went and got Jo's brother Marvin and brought him here.
He is living at the nursing home here in town, but hopefully sometime next summer we will remodel the house, and I will give him my room, I will move into Jo and Oaks room, and they will have the new room they are building.  
Let me see, oh, Jo and I are going to Hollister, Ca.  Her son (father to Hayden, and five other girls) Brandon, and his wife have sent us plane tickets to go out there, and spend  a week and half out there, we get to see 8 month old Hayden, the rest of the girls, Calyx, Danna Jo, Megan, Cheyenne and Janda.
We haven't seen them since Easter, so I can't wait!
I don't really have any plans at all, just going to completely wing it, mainly because the girls will still be in school, and I don't know the area, so until I figure out whats what, and where anything is, can't really plan anything.
The only thing I do have planned, is we are going to have a four hour layover in Phoenix on the way back home, and one of my mentors, and fellow tour guides, from (my favorite site in the whole wide world, and I will do a blog on it tomorrow).  She lives in Scottsdale (or as she calls it Snotsdale, lol) and so she is going to come meet up with us, I figure we will go out for lunch, and just sit and jaw for a couple of hours, I can't wait!!
Well, that has been my year, what will next year bring? You never know, life isn't about planning things, its about going with the flow, and accepting that life sucks, life isn't kind, but that doesn't mean we have to be bitter or hate life.
Enjoy it, love your family and friends, and give of yourself.

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