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Sunday, December 4, 2011

December 5

Okay, the votes for todays post is, your favorite and hated Christmas commercials.
Do you have any favorite or ones that you hate?
My favorite ones are the Folgers ones where the son comes home, Yep, I am a sap, lol.
A friend Gail, says this one is one she hates:

And this is Gail's favorite from when she was a child (I refuse to discuss her age, lol)

THIS was my favorite one when I was growing up, and any of the Folgers ones, I enjoy.

My daughter and I are having a debate, she likes that idiot ding bat woman from Target for Black Friday
Can I choke the woman now??

But we do agree on THIS commercial, its a favorite

Oh, and seeing that one, reminds me of this:

and then that lead me to THIS:

What are your favorite commercials? Christmas or not, do you like the super old ones like from the 50's and 60's do you think the newer ones are super cheesy?

Tho one of my new favorites is the new Walmart one, tho its actually about 6 months or so old now:
I about died when I saw this the first time. Walmart commercials have gotten really really good lately!

Today in history:
1349 - 500 Jews of Nuremberg massacre during Black Death riots
1496 - Jews are expelled from Portugal by order of King Manuel I
1776 - 1st US fraternity, Phi Beta Kappa (William & Mary College), forms
1879 - 1st automatic telephone switching system patented
1892 - Anti-semite Hermann Ahlwardt elected to Germany's Reichstag
1893 - 1st electric car (built in Toronto) could go 15 miles between charges
1925 - German govt of Luther falls
1929 - 1st US nudist organization (American League for Physical Culture, NYC)
1932 - German physicist Albert Einstein granted a visa
Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. (Einstein)

1933 - 21st Am ratified, 18th Amendment (Prohibition) repealed
1935 - National Council of Negro Women forms by Mary McLeod Bethune (NYC)
1941 - Russian anti offensive in Moscow drives out nazi army
1941 - Sister Elizabeth Kenny new treatment for infantile paralysis approved
1941 - US aircraft carrier Lexington/5 heavy cruisers leave Pearl Harbor
1942 - Seyss-Inquart orders students in nazi-Germany to go work
1944 - German troops rob all the silver coin in Utrecht
1945 - "Lost Squadron" crashes east of Florida (Bermuda Triangle)
1951 - "Dragnet" premieres

1955 - AFL & CIO merge, with George Meany as president
1955 - Historic bus boycott begins in Montgomery Alabama by Rosa Parks
1967 - Benjamin Spock & Allen Ginsberg arrested protesting Vietnam war
1971 - KCBJ (now KMIZ) TV channel 17 in Columbia, MO (ABC) 1st broadcast
1974 - Monty Python's final episode airs on BBC

1782 - Martin Van Buren, Kinderhook NY, (D) 8th pres (1837-41)
1839 - George Armstrong Custer, Mjr General (Union volunteers)
1886 - Pieter J Old, lawyer/minister of Finance/mayor of Rotterdam (1945-52)
1901 - Walter Elias Disney, Chicago, animator (Mickey Mouse)

1901 - Werner Heisenberg, German physicist/discovered uncertainty (Nobel 32)
1902 - [Steve James] Strom Thurmond, (Sen-D/R-SC)
1968 - Margaret Cho, actress/comedienne (Face/Off)
1994 - Emily Marie Estefan, daughter of Gloria & Emilio

1784 - Phillis Wheatley, 1st important black poet in America, dies in Boston
1791 - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, composer, dies in Vienna Austria at 35

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