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Saturday, December 3, 2011

December 3

1586: Sir Thomas Herriot introduces potatoes to England from Columbia
1621: Galileo invents the telescope
1685: Charles the Second bars Jews from settling in Stockholm, Sweden
1775: 1st Official US Flag rising (aboard naval vessel Alfred)
1818: Illinois admitted as a state; Illinois takes its name from a group of Algonquian-speaking tribe native to the area.
1833: Oberlin College in Ohio, 1st Coed college opens
1847: Frederick Douglass publishes 1st issue of newspaper "North Star"
1866: Paid fire departments replaces volunteer run companies
1868: Trial of Jefferson Davis starts;
1st blacks on US trial jury
1878: Settlers arrive at Petach Tikvah Israel
1926: Manchester Guardian (German Reichswehr/Red Army work together?
1944: Hungarian death march for Jews ends;
US 5th Armour division occupies Brandenburg
1948: 1st US female army officer (not in the medical corps) sworn in
1962: Edith Spurlock Sampson sworn in as 1st US black female judge

1826 - George Brinton McClellan, Major General (Union Army)
1857 - Joseph Conrad, Poland, novelist (Lord Jim, Heart of Darkness)
1875 - Bernhard Lichtenberg, German clergyman/antifascist
1930 - Andy Williams, Wall Lake Iowa, singer (Moon River, Andy Williams Show)
1948 - Ozzy Osbourne, England, rock vocalist (Black Sabbath-Bark at the Moon)
1949 - Mickey Thomas, rock vocalist (Jefferson Airplane, Starship)
1960 - Daryl Hannah, actress (Splash, Blade Runner)
1961 - Julianne Moore, actress (Lost World, 9 Months)
1965 - Katarina Witt, Staaken GDR, figure skater (Olympic-Gold-1984, 88)
1968 - Brendan Fraser, Indianapolis In, actor (School Ties, 20 Bucks)
1980 - Anna Chlumsky, Chicago Ill, actress (My Girl)
1981 - Brian Bonsall, actor (Family Ties, Star Trek Next Generation)

1876 - Hermann Goetz, composer, dies at 35
1892 - William Bonaparte, grandson of Lucien, dies
1894 - Robert Louis Stevenson, Engl writer (Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde), dies at 45
1910 - Mary Baker Eddy, founder (Christian Science (Monitor)
1990 - Gavin Reed, actor (Body Beneath), dies at 59
1995 - Roxie Roker, actress (Claudine)/mother of Lenny Kravitz, dies at 66
1996 - Det Glynn, teacher/anti-apartheid activist, dies at 84
1996 - George Duby, historian, dies at 77
1997 - Marian Kratochwil, artist, dies at 91

National Apple Pie Day
What is your favorite? Good ole fashioned American? Want cheese with that? How about some ice cream? Whipped cream?

My favorite is actually Fruit Crisp, but I make mine completely differently from others
the topping:
1-2 cups of oatmeal (just gauge it)
tsp cinnamon
tsp pumpkin pie spice
2 tbs of butter
2 tbs raisins
Stir all this together (dont cook the oatmeal!)
either fresh apple slices or canned or frozen (or cherries, or peaches, or whatever fruit you want, only use pumpkin pie spice if doing apple or peaches)
1/4 cup brown sugar (or white for Cherry, blueberry, blackberry, etc)
pumpkin pie spice/nutmeg/cloves, whatever spice you feel like
2 tbs honey or agave
stir all but the honey together in large bowl, put into pan, pour honey over top, top with oatmeal mixture, and bake at 325-350 for 30 minutes. Really yummy with ice cream. Sometimes I will cook this at night, and then keep in fridge all night, and throw in the oven for breakfast.


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