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Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Card Day

Today is Christmas Card Day, but I am going to do something a little different, instead of just talking about cards people have sent, or have received, I am going to talk about vintage cards.  They were wonderful, beautiful pieces of art.

The late 1800’s to early 1900’s were such a time for artwork, there was very little photography, as it was so expensive, so everyone got out their pens and paints and went to work.

The bright colors, vibrant artwork, and the details, the nooks and crannies, the smiles on the childrens faces.  Today the cards are stock, printed, and cheap.  And they LOOK cheap!  There is no imagination, no new ideas, the jokes have gotten dirty, the pictures are even dirty……..why can’t we go back to that innocent time?

Today is also Weary Willie Day, don’t know who he is?
Well today in 1898 a baby boy was born, and he grew up to be Emmett Kelly, he was a circus trapeze artist, and also worked as a clown.
He created the character of Weary Willie after the hoboes of the Depression era.

  My mother loves clowns, and I remember her having Emmett Kelly calendars, wall art, little statues, and other things.  I will always think of my mother when I see either Emmett Kelly or Weary Willie.  May he always live in others hearts!

Kelly's boyhood town of Houston, Missouri, named Emmett Kelly Park in his honor and hosts an annual Emmett Kelly Clown Festival, which attracts clowns from across the region including Kelly's grandson, Joey Kelly, who returns every year to perform as a special guest.
Emmett Kelly had a son also named Emmett Kelly, and his son did a clown (pictured above), very similar to Weary Willy, and they had a falling out because of it.

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