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Thursday, September 8, 2011

MyMemories is letting me help them!

Okay, has chosen ME as a way to promote their scrapbooking memories suite
I don't do any type of scrapbooking, I leave that to my mother (Georgi Heyen, Mexico, Mo, Professional Scrapbooker)
So what I am going to do, is play with the scrapbooking utensils they have allowed me to have for free, do a review of them, share them with my mother, get her review, and wait for one of my LOVELY followers and genealogy friends to see if one of YOU can win it!!

Here is the website for them

For you to enter it, use their site from that link above, and then come back and comment on this post and tell me what you like the best, which ones you WOULD use if you bought it, what you would do with it, etc. That way you get to enter a contest to win their Memories Suite

This is their blog
and facebook

I am going to go and get my *free version* of this so I can continue to promote them, and in my next blog (sometime this weekend I am sure) I will put up what I have come up with, AND show it on the blog. I will also be promoting all this on my facebook too for more exposure!

I hope as many as possible can enter, and have fun with it!!

Thanks for being there for me guys!

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  1. Of course I'm going to enter :)

    I love their ease of use and flexibility. The free kits are fabu for freebies! I can't make a list of what I would use because there's so much :)