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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Greenes and Collaterals from BOOK A genealogical dictionary of the first settlers of New England, showing ... By James Savage

I am c/p off Google Books this information, I will use it in my research, I mean no disrespect, or plaguerism in doing this, as it would be the same thing I would do in scanning/copying a page out of a book, and using it for my research.

Gorton Abraham Roxbury s of John m 31 May 1683 Mary had Mary b 24 Mar 1684 and John 9 Mar 1686 Perhaps he rem Benjamin Warwick youngest s of the first Samuel m Dec 1672 Sarah d of Richard Carder had Mary b Oct 1673 Sarah Samuel Benjamin Alice and ano d The five ds m John Roxbury had w Mary and d Mary wh d Aug 1636 again b 21 June 1641 but bapt so late as 11 June 1643 d Sarah bapt 21 Jan 1644 Hannah 5 Apr 1646 d 1669 Mary again 3 Sept 1648 Alice 8 Mar 1652 Eliz 30 July d soon John 16 or 24 Jan 1656 d bef his f and Abraham 8 1659 He was freem 1669 and d 1676 in his will of 17 June that yr names ws Abraham and ds Sarah Mary and Alice m 23 May 1665 Daniel Marshcroft John Warwick sec s of first Samuel m 28 June 1668 Margaret Wheaton had Othniel b 22 Sept 1669 Samuel 22 July 1672 John and Benjamin a 1681 Samuel Warwick a most active relig disturber of sev places ba 1600 at Groton where he says his fam had been many generat came to Boston 1636 went soon to Plymouth thence in 1638 to Rhode Isl adm an inhab 27 June of that yr but in the autumn of 1641 was disquieting Roger Williams at Providence in 1643 with Holden Greene and others made the great movem to purchase of Warwick from the Ind wh led to hostile aggress by the governm of Mass who took all his sett prisoners and punish them cruel not without some hesitat even sparing their lives Next yr he went to Eng with other suffer and obtain just assertion of his right and had peace near thirty yrs for his adherents in the cloudy doctrines See good Mem in RI Hist Coll H by Judge Staples and critical disquis by Charles Deane in Genealog Reg IV 201 He had ch Samuel John and Benjamin beside the ds Maher wh m Daniel Coles Mary wh m perhaps Peter Greene first and next John Sanford Sarah wh m William Mace Ann wh m John Warner Eliz m John Crandall and Susanna m Benjamin Barton Samuel Warwick eldest s of the preced m 11 Dec 1684 Susanna d of William Burton had Samuel b 1 June 1690 Hezekiah 11 June 1692 and Susanna 4 June 1694 and d 1724 aged as report is 94 yrs but that may seem greatly exagger He was old eno in 1675 to act as interpreter betw the Eng and Ind Thomas Portsmouth RI freem 1655

Green Abraham Hampton 1678 Bartholomew Cambridge freem 14 May 1634 came the yr bef and d the yr foll when mak prepar to rem with major part of his neighb to Conn as is said his wid Eliz wh d 28 Oct 1677 aged 88 and ch Samuel Nathaniel Sarah w of Thomas Longhorn and Phebe were all of Cambridge ch 1 658 Bartholomew Boston youngest ch of the first Samuel of Cambridge was a printer of no small note for issue of the first on our contin Apr 1704 and so in our time more thot of than his f the wonderful Bible He was deac of the third or Old S ch and d Dec 1732 Next Thursday the newspaper from his office contain ill compact memoir in wh his f is made to vouch perhaps unduly for sev things among others nineteen ch eleven by first w eight sec when by the rec we are led to count seven by one six by the other Even the birthday of the propr may be thot a yr too early Bartholomew Charlestown s of the first Jacob of the same by w Maria had Maria bapt 15 Oct 1693 may have had no more Benjamin Warwick s of the first Thomas of the same m Susanna seventh d Randall Houlden had Benjamin Charles Marblehead 1668 Daniel Wickford 1671 own jurisdict of RI 20 May of that yr with other inhab of that Narragansct country was prob the same wh by w Re becca had Peleg b 1690 Daniel 1692 Jonathan 1694 Rebecca 1696 Rachel 1698 Sarah 1700 and Jonathan again 1705 Bat wh was his f is not seen David Providence s by his sec w of the first James m a Slocum perhaps d of Giles the sec had David and by sec w wh was a Barber had Jonathan Joseph and sev ds Henry Reading call by Winth a scholar but we kn not at wh of the Universit lte was bred had been in 1643 invit to go to Martha's Vineyard by its first sett but went not m Frances eldest d of deac Simon Stone had Joanna and Nathaniel and was the earliest min of R ord 5 Nov 1645 and d 11 Oct 1648 His wid m as the will off shows Henry Ipswich 1641 was perhaps the freem of 13 May 1640 for I can hardly suppose it possible tho Farmer gave it without suspiciou that the Rev Henry would have failed of his prefix of respect from the seer J Henry Hampton 1644 was perhaps the conns to the tyranny of Cranfield 1685 m 1691 prob for sec or third w wid Martha Page and d 5 Aug 1700 aged a 80 Henry Malden s of the first Thomas m 11 Jan 1672 Esther Hasey perhaps d of William had Henry b Jan 1673 Esther Sept 1674 Lydio 11 Aug 1685 Jacob 9 May 1689 beside Joseph Daniel and Dorcas prob all Lydia and he d 19 Sept 1717 His wid d 1740 Henrt 1674 Isaac Salisbury 1678 freem 1690 Jabez Providence br of David of the same m 16 May 1697 Mary d of Benjamin Barton had James Jabez Nathaniel Benjamin Rufus John and d by first w and ano d by sec w Nathaniel his s was f of the Gen Nathaniel of the army of the Revo Jacob Charlestown s of John of the same b in Eng came with him had w Eliz and ch Jacob b 11 Oct 1654 Joseph wh d 26 Aug 1657 John Mary bapt 13 May 1662 Bartholomew 14 Feb 1664 Dorcas 31 Dec 1665 Joseph again 5 Apr 1668 ar co 1650 freem 1650 was rep 1677 His d Eliz m Samuel Long Jacob Salisbury 1678 Jacob Charlestown s of the first Jacob by w Mary had Caleb bapt 29 Apr 1683 Dorcas 14 Dec 1684 Joseph 14 Aug 1687 Mary 29 July 1688 Joseph again 15 May 1690 Benjamin 26 May 1695 Bartholomew 29 Nov 1696 and Joseph again 22 Oct 1699 James Charlestown 1646 freem 1647 and of course his name is among the mem of the ch yet not found among householders had w Eliz s John and James liv on Mistick side and d 29 Mar 1687 aged 77 James Warwick s of John the first of Providence b in Eng was freem 1655 m Deliverance Potter d of Robert had sec w Eliz d of John Anthony d 27 Apr 1698 He is call the progenia of Gen Nathaniel Greene the soldier of the Revo By the first w he had James b 6 June 1658 Mary 8 Sept 1660 Elisha 7 Mar 1662 and Sarah 27 Aug 1663 and by the sec m 3 Aug 1665 Peter 25 Aug 1666 Eliz 17 Oct 1668 John 1 Feb 1671 d young Jabez 17 May 1673 David 24 June 1677 Thomas 11 Nov 1682 John again 30 Sept 1685 and Susanna wh may have been b bef either of the last two being ment in the will of her f as under age of 18 Mary m 19 Feb 1685 James Reynolds of Narraganset Sarah m Henry Reynolds and Eliz m a Reynolds perhaps br of other two tho I have seen a geneal that says she m a Hull James Boston liv at Romney Marsh now Chelsea but at Dorchester m 9 Nov 1661 Rebecca d of Thomas Jones had Eliz b 14 Nov 1662 James 15 Dec 1664 Rebecca 7 Aug 1665 if the rec be credib Richard 7 Apr 1669 John 24 Feb 1672 Esther 27 Sept 1674 and Samuel 20 July 1680 was freem 1683 and by w Ann had Rebecca 19 May 1688 James Portsmouth RI mariner sold ld there 1669 James Warwick eldest s of the first James of the same m 29 Jan 1689 Mary d of capt John Fones of Kingstown had Fones James Daniel Elisha John Jeremiah Samuel Mercy Deliverance and Mary Job Warwick s of the first John of the same m a Sayles d perhaps of first John had Job Christopher Daniel Philip Amy Phebe Mary and Catharine John Charlestown came in the James from London 1632 arr 12 June with w Perseverance and three ch John Jacob Abigail Sarah Jones a serv and Joseph Greene of whom we may presume that he was a relat perhaps apprent Winth says the sh brot twelve passeng and in the Custom ho paper we have the names of two beside the seven here ment His v was d of Rev Francis Johnson it is said a puritan of eminence who had fled to Amsterdam She with her h join the ch 29 Mar 1 633 and he was made freem three days after call on the rec serg but his milit distinct was sunk in the more import title of ruling elder the Only one Charlestown ch ever had was sometime town elk and selectman twelve yrs begin in 1646 d 22 Apr says the gr stone or May 1658 aged 65 His will of 21 Apr of that yr names w Joanna wid of John Shatswell of Ipswich and as she had brot him good est that had lessened in his hands he gave her most of his prop He names in it gr s John and Jacob s of his s Jacob gr d Joanna ch I suppose of Richard Shatswell of Ipswich call by him s in law had three ch at Charlestown but lost three also and the surv were John Jacob and Mary this last b 1 bapt 6 Apr 1634 So much was this name early spread at Malden that in the remonstrance against the action of the Gen Ct upon the case of Rev Mr Matthews their min sign by thirty six females in 1651 three were nam Eliz and one Margaret Green John Roxbury liv with Daniel Brewer d bef 14 Feb 1639 John Providence 1636 may be that surg who came from Southampton in the James a 6 Apr and arr at Boston 3 June 1635 had been of Salisbury in Wilts brot w and five ch John b 1620 Peter James 1629 Thomas 1631 and Mary prob older than the last two He partook largely in the exertions of Gorton and his friends to obtain security for their worldly as well as spirit rights and went to negotiate in London in 1644 for Narraganset of wh Warwick was the chief settlem with full success and d betw 28 Dec 1658 the date of his will and 7 Jan next when it was pro The w brot from Eng mo of all the ch d 1643 at Conanicut where she had sought refuge in conseq of her suffer when the Mass forces came to Gorton's planta and took him and all his adher prisoners A sec w was Alice Daniels m in Eng but ch is not heard of nor by third w Philippa wh d 1687 aged 87 Mary m James Sweet The farm on wh he was bur is still enjoy by his descend John who came in the Francis from Ipswich in Co Suffk 1634 aged 27 may have been of Salem d early leav wid to wh Felt says gr of ld was made in 1638 but that diligent writer I 516 thot the husband was of the comp in the James from Southampton a yr later In aid of that conject perhaps rather slight is the fact that six or seven of the passeng in the more recent sh bee inhabs of Salem But it is easy to mistake with so common bapt and surnames John Charlestown s prob of first John b in Eng was adm of the ch 17 Apr 1642 and freem 18 May foll He digested from sev verbal stories the acco of settlem of the town wh has remarkably misled Prince and other inquirers The first seven pages so far from being a contempo rec of exact facts begin with relation more or less minute of what took place thirty five yrs earlier See Young's Chron of Mass 387 He had been serv of William Wil loughby at Portsmouth Eng and after was of his s Francis our dept gov John Sandwich 1643 made his will 29 Feb 1660 d soon after John New Haven had John b 1651 John Kittery 1652 subm to jurisdict of Mass that yr John Fairfield 1648 made freem 1862 had good est John Stamford was rep 1668 71 and perhaps later John a freem of Mass 1654 may have been of Malden or Cambridge 1 1 John Warwick eldest s of the first John of Providence b in Eng came 1635 with his f freem 1655 m Ann d of William Almy had Peter Job Samuel Richard and four ds of wh Ann m her cous Thomas Green one m prob Joseph Torry of Newport Catharine m Charles Holden and perhaps Susanna m John Spencer was a propr of Westerly 1661 one of the counc to Sir Edmund Andros 1687 was major dep gov 1690 1700 and d 1708 John Narragansett 1664 mark senr seems to render it necessary to count ano John to be junr there at that time and it may be that one or both went thither from Newport or he may be the s perhaps youngest of the first James wh m 16 Feb 1711 Mary d of Increase Allen but that surname is too common to permit to guess wh and had as the fam report says David James Increase Job beside sev ds John Sudbury a capt in 1674 John Malden s of the earliest Thomas of the same m 18 Dec 1660 Sarah Wheeler d of Isaac of Charlestown had Sarah b Sept 1662 John d young Mary Dec 1668 John again 21 Mar 1674 Sarah again 14 Jan 1677 was freem 1668 and d 16 Oct 1707 John Dover or Portsmouth m 12 Sept 1666 Mary Jenkins d of Robert perhaps or Henry John Cambridge only s of Percival of the same m 20 Oct 1656 Ruth d of Edward Michelson had John b 24 July 1657 Nathaniel 25 Sept 1658 Percival b 29 Mar bapt 1 Apr 1660 HC 1680 first in the catal of this copious name Ruth 24 Nov 1661 Samuel b 4 bapt 10 May 1663 Eliz 22 Apr 1665 bapt next day and Edward 15 bapt 21 Apr 1667 as in Mitchell's Reg appears and after the termin of that had Thomas b 7 Mar 1669 Jonathan Bethia 20 Jan 1673 Joseph 24 Oct 1675 HC 1695 Benjamin 13 Aug 1677 and Mary Michelson also 14 Mar who d inf 21 Oct 1681 He succeed his f in law as marshal of the Col and d 3 Mar 1692 aged 55 His wid m Samuel Champney His s John was tak 1681 by the Turks as we learn from the Diary of Noadiah Russell sub 20 Apr 1682 Edward was a shipmaster d 1696 unm Bethia m Joseph Hicks and d 12 Apr 1708 John Malden 1 673 mariner perhaps br of James of Boston freem 1 683 by wMary had Mary b Dec 1668 Samuel 1679 beside Eliz and Hannah and d 22 Mar 1709 John Newport m Mary eldest d of Jeffrey is perhaps one who was inhab 1655 and ano John adm Newport 1668 may have been his s John Woburn m 3 July 1671 Sarah d of John Bateman of Boston had Sarah b 6 June 1672 Samuel 29 Jan 1674 John 6 Jan 1677 Hannah 4 Mar 1679 perhaps he rem John Boston may have been s of Ralph freem 1690 John Stow s of Jacob the first d 1688 unm Jonas London 1694 a shipmaster of whose fam I am igno m Jane d Alexander Pygan had Samuel and perhaps other ch Joseph Plymouth 1643 Josepii Weymouth may be he who came 1632 in James with first John of Charlestown by w Eliz d of John of same m May 1657 had Joseph b 2 Apr 1658 John 16 1661 Eliz 5 Apr 1664 Mary 15 Aug 1667 and Zechary 7 Apr 1671 Joseph Boston perhaps s of the first Samuel of Cambridge m in the spr of 1672 and d in three wks Joseph Weymouth s of Joseph of the same rem to Scituate 1690 and m 1695 Ann d John Turner jr Joseph Salem vill now Dan vers s of John of Cambridge ord 10 Nov 1698 success to wretched Mr Paris d 26 Nov 1715 leav wid and seven ch He m 16 Mar 1699 Eliz d of Rev Joseph Gerrish of Wenham had Ann b 27 Nov 1699 a ch 11 Jan 1701 d very soon John 22 Dec 1701 Joseph 12 Dec 1703 Edward 1 Dec 1705 Eliz 8 May 1708 William 11 Aug 1710 Benjamin 1 July 1713 and Ruth 23 Apr 1716 Nathaniel Cambridge s of Bartholomew b in Eng freem 1645 had w Joanna Nathaniel Boston m 22 June 1657 Mary d of Jeremy Houchin freem 1665 Nathaniel Boston s of Thomas the first of Warwick m 27 Feb 1703 Ann d of Thomas Gould had Thomas b 4 June 1705 Rufus 30 May 1707 Nathaniel 14 May 1709 William 3 May 1711 and Benjamin 11 Jan 1713 He d 8 Aug 1714 and his wid d 16 Jan 1728 in her 43 yr Nicholas York d 1663 leav wid Susanna wh m Jeremiah Shears and childr whose names are not seen The inv was of 23 July in that yr Nicholas is the name a soldier in Moseley's comp Dec 1675 Percival Cambridge br it is suppos of Bartholomew the first came in the Susan and Ellen 1635 aged 32 with w Ellen 32 and two serv freem 3 Mar 1636 in the col list whimsical pervert to Passevil had John b June 1636 and Eliz Apr 1639 d 25 Dec 1639 when the town rec makes the name Perceiveall His wid Ellen m Thomas Fox and d Eliz m 4 Apr 1656 John Hall of Concord and d 14 Feb 1714i Thomas in Hist Print I 235 has confus I think the childr of Bartholomew and Percival Pebcival Cambridge gr s of the preced the earliest gr of this fam name at Harv a preach d 10 July 1684 Peter Warwick s of first John of Providence b in Eng came with his f m it is said Mary d of Samuel Gorton was frecm 1655 and d 1659 by drown without issue His wid m prob John Sanford Peter Warwick s of John the first of Warwick m 16 Dec 1680 Eliz d of Stephen Arnold had Peter John William Stephen Elishn Barbara and ano d said to have m Stephen Arnold not her cous Peter Warwick s of James the first of the same perhaps eldest by his sec w m a Slocum had sev ch and was drown wh may only be the story of first Peter his uncle as the geneal reports without giv any names of ch Ralph Boston had John b 22 Dee 1642 perhaps rem to Malden and there had a ch b Jan 1654 Richard Plymouth came in the Charity 1622 for Weston's planta at Weymouth being br in l of W d soon after landing See Winslow's Good News from NE in Young's Chron of the Pilgr 299 Richard Boston mariner perhaps ar co 1638 but I doubt the rec as he was not adm inhab bef 1654 by w Rebecca had Rebecca b 7 Aug 1665 and he d early in 1672 Richard Warwick s perhaps youngest of the first John of the same m a Sayles had John Audrey Amy Isabel Eleanor and Mary Richard Warwick s or the first Thomas of the same m a Carder of the same whether a d or gr d of Richard is unkn had Richard Thomas Mary Eliz and Welthean Robert Wickford 1674 Robert Hingham m Oct 1666 Eliz Nichols Samuel Cambridge eldest s of first Bartholomew b in Eng came prob with his f 1632 tho a foolish tradit is in print of his coming with Gov Dudley and after reach NE tak empty casks to shelter them from the weather was freem 4 Mar 1635 and made not bred a printer as is well seen in Thomas's Hist d 1 Jan 1702 aged 87 or we may believe something less By his first w Jane d of Guy Bainbridge wh d 16 Nov 1657 he had Eliz b 16 Apr 1640 Sarah 7 Oct 1642 Lydia 23 Mar 1645 d soon Lydia again 13 Apr 1646 Samuel 6 Mar 1648 Joseph 7 Nov 1649 and Deborah 19 Mar 1655 and by sec w Sarah d of Elder Jonas Clark m 23 Feb 1662 had Jonas bapt 31 Jan 1664 Lydia again 12 Nov 1665 Eliz b 3 Nov 1665 as by the rec d very soon Bartholomew 26 Oct bapt 3 Nov 1667 Mary b 6 Nov 1669 and Dorcas 6 Sept 1671 He was town elk some yrs capt of the town milit thirty yrs and engag at the press fifty yrs the greatest work in conjunct with Marmaduke Johnson sent from London by the Soc for Prop Gospel being the Ind Bible He is spoken of by John Dunton in Life and Errors with gr kindness Sahuel Warwick s of John the first the same m it is said a Gorton but that may be a mistake for his uncle Peter but he had Mary William wh bee the Gov of the Col Samuel and Benjamin Samuel Boston s of the first Samuel m 1685 Eliz d of capt Joseph Sill was f of Timothy one of the earliest printers in Conn and progenit of a line in that art d July 1690 of the smallpox as did his w at same time Samuel Malden freem 1690 s of the first Thomas of the same m 1666 Mary only ch of Richard Cook of the same had Samuel b Jan 1668 Thomas 16.69 1 Apr 1672 William Aug 1674 Martha 1683 Eliz 16 Nov 1687 Isaac 20 May 1690 beside Mary David and Jonathan He had sec w Susanna but the first w liv to 24 Nov 1715 and he d 31 Oct 1724 Thomas Ipswich 1648 may have been br of Henry of the same but as nothing is ever heard of either they may be only casual Thomas Malden had w Eliz wh d Aug 1658 and he m 5 Sept 1659 Frances wid of Richard Cook wh had been wid of Isaac Wheeler but prob by former w only had ch Thomas the eldest ba 1632 William a 1635 Henry Nov 1638 all prob b in Samuel Apr 1645 beside Eliz Mary perhaps both brot from Eng Hannah Martha and Dorcas 1 May 1653 and he d 19 Dec 1667 Thomas Malden not s of the preced by w Margaret perhaps d of the first Thomas Call wh d 22 June 1667 had Thomas b 1 Apr 1653 John 26 Jan 1659 Ephraim Mary and Eliz all minors ham in his will of 25 Feb 1674 of wh s Thomas and br Thomas Call were excors and he d 25 May foil but he had m 19 Aug 1667 Eliz Webb sec w and may have been the freem of 1670 Thomas Malden s of the first Thomas of the same m Rebecca d of Joseph Hills had Rebecca b 1654 Thomas Feb 1656 Hannah 16 Oct 1658 d soon Hannah again 24 Feb 1660 and Samuel 5 Oct 1670 was prob the of 1671 His will of 13 Feb 1672 on wh day he d pro 2 Apr made w Rebecca extrix names ch all minors and br John Wait overseer The wid d 6 June 1674 Thomas Providence youngest s of the first John of the same came with his f 1 635 in the James from Southampton to Boston air 3 June rem with his f to Warwick m 30 1659 Eliz d of Rufus Barton of W wh d 20 Aug 1693 had Eliz b 12 July 1660 Thomas 14 Aug 1662 Benjamin 10 Jan 1666 Richard 5 Mar 1667 Welthean 23 Jan 1670 Rufus 6 Jan 1673 and Nathaniel 10 Apr 1679 and he d 5 June 1717 aged 76 Thomas Malden s of the sec Thomas of the same m 22 Mar 1676 Mary Weeks had Thomas John Mary Ebenezer and Eliz wh was b 22 Dec 1689 was freem 1690 and d 28 Apr 1694 His wid m a Gage Thomas Warwick s of Thomas of the same m Ann d of uncle sec John Green had beside sev ds John of Portsmouth RI wh perpet the name by a doz ch Tobias Hull 1675 William Charlestown 1640 freem 1644 was of the pt wh bee Woburn by w Hannah bad Mary b 20 Jan 1644 Hannah 7 Feb 1647 John 11 Oct 1649 William 22 Oct 1651 and the fd 7 Jan 1654 William Malden s of the first Thomas of the same m 12 Sept 1659 Eliz d of Isaac Wheeler of Charlestown But ano rec makes the m on 18 Jan 1660 He was freem 1668 His ch were William b 1661 Isaac John Oct 1667 Eliz Nov 1668 and Sarah 11 May 1671 He had sec wm 6 Feb 1695 Isabel wid of James Blood d of John Farmer and d 30 Dec 1705 and his wid d 3 Mar 1737 William Boston mariner had ho and ld 1659 77 William Providence sw alleg May 1671 William Groton by w Mary had William b 13 July 1665 Ann 12 May 1667 John Mar 1669 Eleazer 20 May 1672 Eliz 11 Mar 1680 and Hannah 10 Apr 1683 William Woburn by w prob nam Hannah had William b 9 Aug 1675 Francis 30 Nov 1678 Ebenezer 18 July 1680 Mehitable 30 June 1682 d at 15 yrs Hannah 7 Oct 1684 d soon perhaps Mary 1 Nov 1686 Samuel 18 July 1689 Jacob 14 Oct 1691 and Joseph 14 Apr 1694 The stocks of Greens in our country are not exhaust and perhaps never may be all brot into a work like this on acco of their number Very early there was beside the Salem wid a wid Green at Roxbury as the ch rec proves and we may well imagine that she came so from Eng for perhaps the Jane wh m 25 Dec 1639 Martin Stebbin and the Mary who m 26 Aug foll Thomas Griggs both at R were one or both her ch and in 1635 Thomas a youth of 15 emb in the Hopewell capt Bundock at London to come hither fellow passeng with Astwood Buggies Payson Whittemore and the Eliots who all sat down at the same place Ano wid with fam of three was at New Haven 1643 may have been mo of John but who was her h will not be easy to learn Especial hard has been the gather of the Malden fiims and those of the four five or six Thomases Wholly vain would it be to discrimin in such a publicat the fams by final e or without it for in all contempo MSS letters or rec of the elder days ea individ may be found with either terminat Twenty nine of this name with both forms had in 1834 been gr at Harv of wh nine had been min two at Yale of wh one was min and thirty one at the other NE coll of wh one had been min

Hatherly Arthur Plymouth 1660 Deane George Boston w Abigail had George b 1676 20 or 28 Oct both being given in Thomas Boston by w Abigail had Thomas b 1 July 1668 who 1693 Lydia Greene Abigail 8 Sept 1670 and Samuel 17 Mar X Timothy Scituate came in the Ann 1623 to Plymouth went next yr was a merch in London and came for the residue of his arr in the Charles at Boston 5 June 1632 coming with his w Barnstable in Devon where also is a parish of his name he and w join the ch in its first week For sec w he m 1642 Lydia wid of Nathaniel Tilden but had no ch was assist from 1636 to 1657 incl exc 1638 and d 1666 His will of 20 Sept 1664 abstract in Geneal Reg VI 187 is interesting Few men deserv higher of the people but Deane 282 has ment the honorable cause of his loss of their favor Often it is writ Hetherly

Dommett Alexander Boston mariner was tak by the Turks 1681 at the same time I suppose as John Greene whose disast is told by Noadiah Russell in his Diary See Geneal Reg VH 54

Holder or Houlden Charles Warwick s of Randall the first m Catharine d of John Green of the same wh bee dept gov of the Col had Catharine Charles b 24 May 1695 f Frances Anthony Ann William and John but the order of b is all uncert John Woburn s of Richard had w Abigail wh d 22 May 1685 and he m 19 June 1690 Sarah Pierce had Sarah b 25 Feb 1691 Abigail 26 Mar 1693 Martha 28 May 1695 John 6 Feb 1698 Thomas 3 June 1700 Jonathan 19 Jan 1703 Martha 1 Feb 1706 and Eliz 17 May 1708 was freem 1684 John Watertown s of Justinian the first m 7 Nov 1699 Grace d of Samuel Jennison had John b 5 June 1700 Daniel 3 Apr 1702 Peter 1 Feb 1705 Grace 3 July 1707 Eliz 29 July 1709 Josiah 29 Jan 1712 Judith 3 July 1715 and perhaps rem to Concord there had Jonas b 1721 and kept an inn Joseph Watertown br of the preced by w Abigail had Joseph b 31 Jan 1716 Stephen 21 Oct 1717 Abigail 19 Oct 1719 Abner 2 Nov 1722 Jonathan 6 June 1725 and Eliz bapt 26 Apr 1730 Justinian Watertown came in the Francis 1634 from Ipswich Eng aged 23 prob younger br of Richard own est also in Cambridge near the Fresh pond freem 1657 and was of C when his w Eliz d 18 Mar 1673 By her prob he had no ch but within a short time of her d he m Mary d of John Rutter of Sudbury had Samuel b 28 Apr 1674 John 18 July 1675 Isaac 28 May 1677 Mary 21 Mar 1679 Grace 13 Aug 1681 Joseph 10 Sept 1683 and Eliz 6 May 1686 He calls hitns a 66 yrs old in a dcpon of 1679 and i betw 12 Aug and 10 Oct 1691 those being dates of mak and pro of his will Est was good His wid was liv 12 Nov 1714 Justinian Groton s of Richard by w Mary had Mary b 20 May 1680 rem to Woburn there had Ebenezer b 11 May 1690 his wd 15 May 1691 and at Billerica by w Susanna had Susanna 16 Oct 1694 rem to Cambridge or at least conveyed ld in that town after d of his f in 1696 J Randall Warwick RI came from Salisbury Co Wilts but the time is not kn was of Portsmouth bef 1638 in that yr was witness with Roger Williams to the deed of the isl by the Ind sachems yet in 1642 was driv from the isl and soon after sat down at W bef 1 643 when the controv began with Mass claim of jurisdict against him and his friends the force of the heretics was not adequate to maintain the right to their soil and they were brot prisoners to Boston He was saved from sentence of death wh some of the min and some of the magistr desir but shut up in jail till next yr at Salem went home and from the Parliam I am happy to add obt vindicat of his right in 1645 and again came in 1646 m Frances d of Jeremiah Clark of Newport had Frances b 29 Sept 1649 Eliz Aug 1652 Mary Aug 1654 John Jan 1656 drown bef mid age Sarah Feb 1658 Randall Apr 1660 Margaret Jan 1663 Charles 22 Mar 1665 Barbara 2 July 1668 Susan 8 Dec 1670 and Anthony 15 Oct 1673 was an Assist in RI and liv in 1676 Of the ds Frances m 1 Dec 1671 John Holmes Eliz m 16 July 1674 John Rice Mary m 1 Dec 1671 John Carder Sarah m Joseph Stafford Margaret m John Eldred Barbara m Samuel Wickham and Susan m Benjamin Greene Hutch I 122 Winth H 147 280 1 Mass Hist Coll VH 93 and sev later vols Randall Warwick sec s of the preced m Bethia Waterman prob d of Nathaniel had John Randall Waite Mary Frances and Susanna Richard Watertown prob a Suff k man came in the Francis 1634 aged 25 with Justinian prob his br m Martha d of Stephen Fosdick had Stephen b 19 July 1642 Justinian 1644 Martha 15 Jan 1646 Samuel Mary Sarah Eliz Thomas and John 1657 all liv 1 679 but of the six last we kn neither the exact dates nor order of b exc in John's ease by approxim as he in 1679 is call 22 yrs old He rem to Woburn there had John b 17 Mar 1650 wh prob d young to Cambridge to Groton of wh he was one of the first proprs back to Watertown and last to Groton again his w Martha d 5 Dec 1681 and he d at his s Stephen's in G 1 Mar 1696 Martha m Thomas Boyden whose f had come over in the sh with her f Mary m Thomas Williams and Sarah m 20 Dec 1677 Gershom Swan Perhaps Eliz m 21 Mar 1682 Jolm Read Samuel Groton s of Richard by w Ann had Ann b 1 Mar 1682 and perhaps others Samuel Cambridge s of Justinian the first by w Susanna d of Philip Shattuck had Lydia and Susanna both bapt at Watertown 8 Oct 1699 Samuel b 29 Sept bapt 5 Oct 1701 Mercy b 26 Mar 1704 Ann Mary Abigail 30 May 1710 William 4 Mar 1712 and Phineas 12 May 1715

Fones Jeremiah Conanicut isl in Narraganset Bay now Jamestown s of the first John by w Eliz had James b 1695 Jeremiah at Kingstown on the main 1697 and at the island Joseph 1699 and Margaret 1701 John Kingstown 1679 ment as one of his Maj Justices 1 688 in Revo in NE Justif He was also a capt but I dis cov his later resid to be the same from his jurisdict in Narraganset or the king's prov by his will nam w Margaret eldest s John others Jeremiah and Samuel liv James and Daniel dec and d Mary w of James Greene of Warwick I presume he was the first comer of this name perhaps was from London left num descend and d 20 Dec 1703 John Kingstown s prob of the preced of wh I learn nothing exc from his will pro early in 1739 nam br Samuel w Lydia ds Margaret Holmes and Mary Smith gr s Fones Smith and Fones Hazard and cousin ie neph John Fones Samuel Kingstown br of the preced by w Ann had Ann b 1689 and prob by w Meribah had Samuel b 1702 Sarah 1703 Margaret 1704 Mary 1705 John 1706 and Francis 1710 and d 1751 aged 90

Fox David m at Woburu 10 Jan 1678 Lydia Jaquith Elipiia let Concord eldest s of Thomas of the same m 26 Oct 1665 Mary 1 of George Wheeler freem 1690 d 15 Aug 1711 His wd 24 Feb 1 679 as Shattuck shows and he names the ch Thomas Eliphalet Samuel Joshua Benoni and ano Joshua On 30 Sept 1681 he m sec w Mary wid of Isaac Hunt d of John Stone of Sudbury George the celebr head of the sect of Friends s of Christopher b at Drayton in the Clay Co Leicester July 1624 came in 1672 from the S part of our country wh he visit the preced yr had much earlier an eager con trov with Roger Williams but went home next yr and d 13 Jan 1691 Isaac Medford by w Abigail had John b 10 Apr 1679 Isaac 12 Dec 1680 Abigail 11 Mar 1682 Hannah 15 Mar 1683 d young John again 24 Apr 1685 Samuel 30 Apr 1687 Ebenezer 14 Oct 1689 and Thomas 10 Nov 1693 Jabez AYoburn s of Thomas of Cambridge freem 1677 ord 5 Sept 1679 collea with Rev Thomas Carter d of smallpox 28 Feb 1703 aged 56 had John b 10 May 1678 Thomas 16 July 1680 d in 4 days Thomas again 13 Nov 1681 Jabez 2 Dec 1684 Judith 19 June 1690 wh d within a yr all I suppose by w Judith Reyner d of John the sec wh m Col Jonathan Tyng and d 5 June 1756 in 99th yr His s John HC 1698 wh was his success ord 4 Oct 1703 and d 12 Dec 1756 aged 76 was f of Hon Jabez HC 1727 John wh came in the Abigail 1635 aged 35 with Richard 15 perhaps his br may have been br of Thomas and sett at Concord but nothing is kn of either John or Richard John New London br of Eliphalet m 2 June 1678 Sarah d of Greenfield Larrabee had John b 1680 Sarah 1681 Thomas 1682 he had also Jonathan Benjamin and Hannah but possib by sec w Hannah wh was d of Robert Isbell and wid of Thomas Stedman he had for third w Mary d of Daniel Lester jr wh was it is said gr d of his own sis Mary and 50 yrs younger than hims He d Apr 1730 Nicholas Marblehead 1674 Richard Wethersfield m Beriah d of the first Richard Smith of the same was inhab of the E side of the riv now Glastonbury Samuel New London br of John of the same m 30 Mar 1676 Mary by wh he had two ds and Samuel b 24 Apr 1681 had sec w Joanna a third Bathshua wh was wid of Richard Smith d of James Rogers and a fourth w Esther and by one or other of these had Isaac Benjamin and Samuel again while the first Samuel was liv and f of a fam He d 4 Sept 1727 in 77th yr Concord freem prob of Mar 1638 by w Rebecca wh d 11 1647 had Mary b 18 Sept 1642 d next mo Eliz b the same Eliphalet bef ment and he m 13 Dec 1647 Hannah Brooks Hannah b 25 Sept 1648 Thomas 26 Feb 1650 Samuel bef Mary John bef ment Isaajc 17 Oct 1657 and d 14 Apr 1658 Yet his will of 25 Jan preced in wh w Hannah is made extrix only eldest s Eliphalet and d Eliz tho it speaks of others and Thomas Brooks wh ret the inv 23 Apr of same yr Mary wh to New London with brs Samuel and John m Daniel Lester jr Cambridge freem perhaps of 1644 selectman 1658 and often for sec wm Ellen wid of Percival Green wh d 27 May 1682 Harris gives the inscript aged 82 and took ano w 24 Apr foll Eliz wid of Charles Chadwiek wh 22 Feb 1685 left him again a widower and he d 25 Apr 1693 aged 85 Prob he had no ch exc Jabez b 1647 HC 1665 to bear up the uneert tradit honor ascribed to him of descent from the auth of the Book of Martyrs For these two Thomases I have varied from Farmer in the dates respectively of freem s oath The reason may be very slighL but the Concord man seems to have been the elder of the two and tho of the four names of above and below those of these two Foxes three are of Concord two of them heard of not indeed bef 1639 while Hay ward of those early in 1638 was of Concord 1635 and of course Hutchins of might seem to balance him still the preponderance is for Certainly the Smeedly two were here some yrs bef being freem Bond boldly conject p 765 that he was the same as of Concord in wh I dare not follow his lead He thereby the wid of Percival Greene to be third w and the wid of Chad fourth w of Thomas Fox Seven of this name had in 1834 been at Harv and equal number at Yale Brown and Dart coll

Hill or Hills Abraham Charlestown 1636 freem 13 May 1640 w Sarah d of Robert Long had Ruth b 2 June 1640 Isaac 29 31 Oct 1641 Abraham 1 Oct 1643 Sarah 19 Aug 1647 d Sarah again Oct 1649 d same mo Mary May 1652 Jacob 1657 and Zechary perhaps earlier than the last d 13 Feb 1670 Malden His est was good and wid Sarah admin He is progenit num fams His eldest dm 7 Dec 1659 William Augur Abraham Malden s of the preced m Oct 1666 Hannah d of Richard had Abraham b Aug 1670 whose w Sarah d 4 July 1695 24 and Mary Aug 1673 and d 23 Oct 1713 His wid liv to June 1738 Benjamin New Haven 1646 but rem soon after tak of fidel in 1647 ChaRles New London came from Maryland 1665 was b in Barlow near Chesterfield in Derbysh s of George was merch of distinct partner with the Christophers going to and from From that isl he brot the first news of the gr firo in London 1666 as set forth in his let to Gov Winthrop of 16 Jan foll See Mass Hist Coll X 66 He m 16 July 1668 Ruth wid of John had Jane b 9 Dec 1669 Charles 16 Oct 1671 Ruth bapt Oct 1673 and Jonathan Dec 1674 his wd of Jonathan Brewster 30 Apr 1677 and he m 12 June 1678 Rachel d of dep gov John wh with inf ch d 4 Apr of next yr He was a useful man of the town and elk of the Co Court and d 1684 Ebenezer Dorchester a soldier of brave Capt Johnson's comp in Dec Ebenezer Newbury took o of alleg 1678 Ebenezer New s of Robert m 1677 Mercy Brooks had two ch ill treat his wh obt div 1692 Edward a soldier from the E on Conn riv 1676 Eliphalet Boston by w Ann had Mary b 1 Apr 1670 Boston by w Hannah had Sarah b 26 Jan 1664 In utter of distinguish for this work betw those who spell with or without final s for very often the same person appears under ea form I resolve to unite the two but remark that all the foregoing are seen without that addit Gershom Malden s of Joseph m 11 1667 Eliz d I suppose of John Chadwick of Watertown had Eliz Feb 1669 Mary Mar 1672 and prob others Henry 1683 Hercules Scituate 1636 a soldier next yr in the Pequot went home soon after and in 1666 was of Rochester Kent Ignatius Boston 1658 Isaac Malden s of first Abraham m 1666 Hannah Hay ward or Howard d of Samuel had by her no ch our kn exc Isaac b June 1670 He rem to Cambridge there bis 25 Apr 1679 and hem 12 Jan foll Sarah Bicknall had b 11 Dec 1685 Abraham 22 Mar 1688 and Isaac 1 Dec was freem 1690 Jacob Cambridge s of the first Abraham m d of John Stone had Jacob Abraham Tabitha John b 25 1684 and Nathaniel was freem 1690 d 12 Dec foll tho the says 1689 James Boston m 10 Apr 1662 Hannah Henchman Hannah b 21 Mar 1665 James 21 Feb 1667 Ignatius 6 1668 and Eliz 15 June 1670 was freem 1671 James Guilford s John of the same by w Sarah had Sarah b 1683 Isaac 1685 1687 d young Ann 1690 Daniel 1692 John and Charity 1694 Michael 1698 and Mary 1701 His will of 8 Oct 1707 after wh he d names all the eight liv ch John Plymouth 1630 prob a serv or apprent withdrew next yr to Mass See the curious let of Plymouth Court to our Gov in Geneal Reg II 240 He may have been at Salem and had gr of ld 1650 and of 1659 where he was among the princ men 1681 and 2 or the man this name at Lynn 1655 or of Dover 1649 72 or of Medfield 1656 So common was this name and one was freem 1646 This last by w Hannah had Abigail b 2 Feb 1658 Samuel John 14 Mar 1661 Mary 28 Oct 1662 Eliezur 29 June 1664 Johnson 1666 Ebenezer and d 23 Jan 1718 leav wid Eliz wh d 1 Dec 1719 John Boston 1641 a blacksmith had w Margaret both adm of ch in July of that yr was freem prob 18 May 1642 ar co 1643 d 21 July 1646 He was one of the grantees 1643 of the franchise tide mill wh lasted over 180 yrs Snow Hist of B 124 John Dorchester 1641 a blacksmith by w Frances had John Jonathan ba 1639 Samuel 1640 Hannah 1641 Mercy 1642 Mary Frances and two or three or four more of wh all but Mary d says tradtt bef their f He d 1664 Too much a this fam depends on tradit Hannah is said to have m Daniel Fisher of Taunton Frances m prob Jonas Austin jr of Taunton tho Col Rec gives her to Jonah Allin senr and ano d is said to have m a Taunton man Mary m 12 Feb 1657 Thomas Breck of D But the will of 11 Apr 1660 pro 30 June 1664 makes it clear that besides John and Mary nine younger ch were then liv John Rowley 1641 or earlier John New Haven 1643 br of Robert took o of fidel 1644 had no fam and d 1647 John Guilford had perhaps been at Branford 1646 8 and later but after rem had w Frances wh d May 1673 and by her had John Sarah James Eliz and ano d He m at Saybrook 3 Sept 1673 Catharine prob the wid of Alexander Chalker d 8 June 1689 In his will of Sept preced he names w Catharine the two s the two ds Sarah and Eliz wh were d but left ch and liv dm to a Tapping John Boston perhaps br of Valentine adm of our ch 15 May 1647 m 16 Jan 1657 Eliz Strong wh may have beend tho to me it seems more prob that she was sis of Elder John John Dover 1649 72 by w Eliz had Benjamin b 8 Apr 1665 John Salem of wh we kn only that in May 1666 he was witness to the will of Capt William Trask John Boston merch by w Mary had Eliz b 10 Nov 1668 and John 2 June 1673 John Portsmouth 1665 had w Eliz and s Joseph Nathaniel and Samuel wh were all of P in 1 685 Saybrook m 14 Apr 1670 Jane Bushnell had Samuel b 29 May 1671 John Guilford s of John of the same had Mary b 1671 d soon John 18 July 1672 Eliz 20 Feb 1675 Mary again Feb 1677 Samuel 21 Feb 1679 Nathaniel Apr 1680 and James Apr 1682 these six all liv when he d 8 May 1690 His wid Thankful d 18 Nov 1711 John New Haven s of Robert m 1680 Hannah Grannis had sev ch John Hartford s of William d or was bur 5 Apr 1692 leav w and two ds whose names are not kn John Saco perhaps s of Roger disting in the wars with E Ind 1689 96 was tak 1704 at Wells car to Canada and restor next yr Jonathan Bridgewater 1680 s prob of John of Dorchester where he had liv and had Nathaniel b there 7 May 1676 Jonathan Billcrica 1679 s of Ralph freem 1690 Jonathan Hartford s of William by w Dorothy had Dorothy b 1696 Jonathan 1699 David 1702 Sarah 1706 and Thankful 1710 Joseph Charlestown 1638 was from Malden in Essex Eng where and not Shrewsbury in the other side of the island as had been said he was a woollen draper having large transact at London had br John of Barnham wh is a 10 ms from Malden wh may have come over or d sev yrs earlier with w Rose wh is thot to have been sis of Presid Dunster adm of the ch 2 Feb 1640 yet not freem until 1645 tho he was selectman the yr preced rep for Malden 1647 50 to 6 speaker of the ho in the earliest yr but not the first speaker as in Geneal Reg IX 34 is said and leader of the milit of the town His wd 24 Mar 1650 and he m 24 June of the foll yr Hannah wid of Edward Mellows Again he m Jan 1656 officiat as magistr at the solemnity of course as third w Helen Atkinson call d of Hugh of Kendall in Co Westmoreland and at Newbury m 8 Mar 166o fourth w Ann wid of Henry Lunt He d at N 5 Feb 1688 in 86th yr His ch were Joseph b prob in Eng Gershom b 27 July 1639 bapt 17 Feb foll bef ment Mehitable 1 Jan 1641 d young as did also John and Nathaniel wh was b 19 Dec 1653 Samuel July 1652 Hannah Deborah Mar 1657 d young Abigail 6 Oct 1658 d young and Wait tho it seems prob that this last is call s only from m a d of the testator He wrote his name with final t but in some rec that addit does not appear In the third m he iiuitat the foolish precedent of Gov Bellingham at an earlier day performing in his own right the legal ceremony for wh act he was presented at the Court His will of 14 Sept 1687 names gr childr Hannah and Eliz Blanchard Hannah Vinton and Samuel Greene makes s Samuel and s in law Abiel Long to be excors See Geneal Reg VIII 309 Joseph Malden s of the preced b in Eng m Nov 1653 Hannah Smith had Joseph b Oct 1655 Hannah Mar 1657 John Mar 1666 Dorothy 13 Apr 1667 and Samuel 16 Dec 1667 but we are not always sure from the rec which was ch of the elder or younger Joseph who d bef his f Joseph Malden s of the preced d 19 Apr 1674 and his w Hannah by wh his only ch Joseph was b posthum 3 July 1674 that rec prop of her br dying 5 days later d 11 July of the same yr and the gr f had admin Joseph Boston by w Ellen had Abigail b 5 Feb 1664 Luke Windsor 1651 m 6 May in that yr Mary Hoyt had Lydia b 18 Feb 1652 Mary 20 Sept 1654 Eleazer at Farmington and there rec 1657 Tahan 28 Nov 1659 Luke 6 Mar 1662 Abigail 16 Apr 1664 Eliz 8 Oct 1666 and John 28 Nov 1668 rem to Simsbury was liv there 1694 Mary m 30 July 1677 John Saxton Nathaniel Dover 1680 youngest s of Valentine Nathaniel Billerica 1677 s of Ralph was resid there Sept 1697 Peter Saco 1648 freem 1653 d Aug 1667 Willis I 55 241 Ralph Plymouth m 1638 Margaret Toothaker prob a wid rem to Woburn there had Jonathan b 20 Apr 1646 was freem 1647 and one of the first sett at Billerica in 1653 d 1663 leav ch named in his will of 10 Nov 1662 pro 12 Nov of next yr Nathaniel Jonathan Ralph Martha and Rebecca besides w Margaret s in law Roger Toothaker and gr ch Eliz Hill and Mary Littlefield His wid H 22 Nov 1683 aged 87 Ralph Billerica s of the preced m 5 Nov 1660 Martha Toothaker had Eliz b 28 July 1661 was selectman 11 yrs capt and rep 1689 90 2 4 d 2 May 1695 Richard Charlestown 1638 cooper perhaps br of Abraham or Joseph or both d unm 29 Oct 1639 See his will print as that of Ees wh is the first cop into first vol of rec of Co Suff k abstr in Geneal Reg II 102 with a lucid explanation lb 218 Confirmat of the hypothes of the modest writer the late learned libra of Harv Univ I could have furnished by the reference to the other end of the same Vol I of Suff k Reg of Deeds where is giv power of attorney from Henry John and William lies as also of Margaret Linton with her h Thomas and of John Keene the sis and brs of the testator execut at Bristol Eng to enable one Henry Hazard to receive all and singular &c Richard New Haven 1639 Richard New Hampsh wh da 1677 may be thot the same wh at Pemaquid in July 1674 took the o of fidel to Mass Robert New Haven 1639 signer of orig comp had come in the Defence 1635 to Boston embark 14 July aged 20 yrs on business of Cradock the first Gov of the Comp of Mass Bay at London d Aug 1663 _ He owned land in Eng had Abiah bapt 23 Jan 1648 d young John b 10 bapt 12 Jan 1651 Hannah 18 bapt 23 Jan 1653 Ebenezer bapt 12 Aug 1655 and Nathaniel 22 May 1659 d young He m sec w 1662 Adeline wid of Robert Johnson and d in Aug 1663 Roger Saco 1653 s of Peter was constable 1661 m 1658 Mary or as ano acco says Sarah Cross of Wells had John Samuel Joseph Benjamin wh d young and Ebenezer beside ds Sarah Hannah and Mercy Folsom 179 I suppose he rem to Salem to escape Ind hostil and was freem 1678 Of descend very good relat is seen in Geneal Reg XII 139 145 and 258 264 by a very diligent hand Samuel Dorchester s of John of the same by w Martha had Martha b 20 Dec 1667 John 20 Dec 1669 Thankful 31 Jan 1672 Mary 31 Aug 1674 d at 2 yrs Samuel Sept 1676 Israel 11 July 1679 Josiah 1 Jan 1682 and Thomas 8 June 1687 In Morse 101 is a statement of quite inconsist facts Samuel Newbury s of first Joseph m 20 May 1679 Abigail d of David Wheeler had Samuel b 16 Feb 1680 Joseph 21 July 1681 Nathaniel 9 Feb 1683 Benjamin 16 Oct 1684 Abigail 2 Sept 1686 d young Henry 23 Apr 1688 William 8 Oct 1689 Josiah 27 July 1691 John 20 Sept 1693 Abigail again 27 June 1695 James and Hannah tw 25 Feb 1697 and Daniel 8 Dec 1700 Of ano Samuel perhaps of Portsmouth certain of some part of N Hampsh Geneal Reg VII 122 shows the m 28 Oct 1680 with Eliz Williams and gives their ch John b 30 Nov 1681 Eliz 7 Nov 1683 Mary 6 Apr 1685 Hannah 29 Sept 1687 Abigail 29 Sept 1689 Samuel 13 Dec 1696 Sarah 28 July 1701 Benjamin 2 July 1703 and Joseph 28 Apr 1706 Samuel Malden s prob of Joseph the sec of the same by w Sarah had John b 23 May 1695 Hannah 10 Oct 1697 Jabez 24 June 1699 Thomas Roxbury perhaps br of William came in 1633 and d next yr in the fum of Rev John Eliot in whose ch rec it is certif that he was a very faithful and prudent serv and good Christian Thomas Plymouth freem 7 June 1637 soon d or rem to Newport in 1638 Thomas Boston a tanner had m Elinor wid of Thomas Munt bef Mar 1 668 Thomas Middletown by w Mary had Susannah b 1678 Eliz 1679 Thomas 1682 rem to Hartford there had John 1692 and d 1704 He had others ds Mary and Sarah for his will of 1704 names w Mary and ch Mary Dudley Eliz Dudley Sarah II Thomas and John Valentine Boston 1636 a mercer from London I think ar co 1638 freem 13 May 1640 und on Sunday foil was with Jacob Eliot ord deac by w Frances wh d 17 Feb 1646 had Hannah bapt 17 Mar 1639 John b 1 Sept 1640 d soon Eliz 12 bapt 19 Dec 1641 d young Joseph and Benjamin tw 19 bapt 23 June 1644 both d soon by sec w Mary d of Gov Eaton adm of our ch 15 May 1647 he had John bapt 22 Aug 1647 and Nathaniel b 31 Mar 1660 He was of great public spirit grantee in 1641 with others of the town or Bendall's dock and the week foil was made a selectman rechos 1642 3 4 5 and 6 interest in the lds at Dover and prob liv some time there was rep 1652 5 and 7 and d 1662 His wid m perhaps John Lovering of Dover and next Ezekiel Knight of Wells Hannah m 24 Jan 1 660 Antipas Boyce William Dorchester a man of note among the first sett prob came in the Mary and John freem 5 Nov 1633 was selectman 1636 and rem to Windsor of wh he was rep 1639 44 thence rem to Fairfield of wh he was rep 1652 and 3 and perhaps had Sarah wh m 17 Sept 1646 Joseph Loomis at W and William and possib it may have been the latter who was rep 1669 William Roxbury came 1632 as a serv prob in the Lion freem 14 May 1634 m Phillis d of Richard Lyman rem to Hartford had 2d w wid Mary Steele d of Andrew Warner of Hadley and there d July 1683 in his will names ch William John Joseph bapt 17 Mar 1650 Benjamin Jonathan Hannah Kilburn w of Thomas Susanna Kilburn w of John Sarah Ward and Mary Hills Of two of the s we kn little Benjamin liv and d at Hartford Joseph sett perhaps at Glastonbury Always this employ final s William a wheelwright aged 70 embark at London in the James July 1635 to come to NE but I kn no more Dover 1657 71 William Fairfield s of William of the a man of distinct had been at Windsor in his youth and no doubt Dorchester in boyhood tho b in Eng d 1684 Inv of his good est of 25 Dec It was div by the Court to wid Eliz and five ch William Eliphalet Joseph John and Sarah The date of his f s d is uncert but it was in the list of reps so many yrs that prob the ones are of the s William Hartford s of William of the same bur at H 15 Aug 1693 and in Dec foil seven ch appear to div the est viz Mary aged 26 Phillis 24 Hannah 21 Ebenezer 17 John 14 Esther 12 and Joseph 10 Zebulon Gloucester 1652 from Bristol Eng had gr of ld bef 1 650 rem to Salem there had bapt 27 Apr 1662 Joanna Eliz and John Philip 28 Dec foil beside Zebulon Mary Abigail and Sarah in later days In his will of 1699 these are ment His s Zebulon in 1690 was master of a vessel going to Barhados Zechaby Charlestown s prob of the first Abraham m Deborah d of Capt Francis Norton had Abraham only d early and his wid m Nineteen of this name had been gr at Harv in 1834 six at Yale and seven at the other NE coll says Farmer in MS

Dixey John Salem 1639 Felt Thomas Salem 1637 had there Mary 12 Jan 1645 AbigaH 1 Oct 1648 Thomas 29 Jan Margaret 16 Mar 1656 and John 26 Apr 1657 was 1674 d 1691 Ano Thomas at Marblehead sign the agaitfst imposts 1668 as did the Salem man Yet perhaps it was same man for in such cases it is sometimes thot that more value to the number than to the argum and undue artifice is employ swell the list Margaret aged 18 was one of the serv of Percival emb at London 1635 in the Susan and Ellen William had come to Cape Ann 1629 was next at Lynn had bapt at S 25 Dec 1636 Ann 17 May 1638 John 1639 Eliz 1641 others freem 14 May 1634 was capt of Beverly a 1677 and d ret 82 Lewis Felt Gibbs Whitman 3 Mass Hist Coll VII 260

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