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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Freeland, what I know, what I think

Okay, Im going to type in here stuff that my cousin Jane sent me. I will put what she sent (and is in her records) in normal print, mine in Italic.

Sarah Freeland Faust Writes About Her Great Great Grandfather
In far away Holland, about the time that Moses Hall was born, another baby boy saw the light of day for the first time. His mother and father named him Jared. To these fond parents, America seemed like the land of opportunity for their new home. They landed at Newark, NJ, and settled there. And there they met the Keen family, who had emigrated from Germany to America about 1770. The Keens grew restless and moved to Pennsylvania, Fallowfield Township, in covered wagons, chopping their wagon roads through the Waterford, a distance of forty miles, settling at last among the Indians; regularly attending church (Methodist) seven miles awa, going to and from by foot. The church was at Leeches Corners. The elder Keen going afoot to Pittsburgh, a distance of ninety five miles, bringing home on his back supplies for his family. The only Keen name (I have found out by rootsweb that her fathers name was Adam Keen) that we know was *Susan* and it was Susan (I have her name as Susannah) that drew Jared to Crawford Co (Jared and his first wife Jane Johnson/Johnston, had married 1815 or 1816, and lived in NY for awhile, I do not know what drew Jared to Crawford County) too in 1824. He and Susan were married soon after, and had three children, James, Joseph, and Sophronia. James figures largely in my life because he named me. His wife, Sarah Whiting Freeland, died a few days before I was born. He asked my mother to name me for her. My mother agreed, altho' in her secret heart I was named for her own beloved mother. I have no picture of Sophronia, but her husband, "Uncle John Bonner" lived on into my childhood, and was a very fascinatin' man. For did he not, when the family festive dinners were over, excuse himself, and retire into the kitchen? There he quietly took a stomach pump and pumped out the food he had just eaten, in order to beat his stomach ulcers in the punch! I never actually saw him do this, I pictured it very vividly in my imagination.
Joseph Freeland, son of Jared and Sophronia (notice how she changed name from Susan to Sophronia?) figures still more largely in my life, for he and his wife, Matilda Brown Freeland, has as their born a son, whom they named Charles Cummings. He turned out to be my father. Charles Cummings had two sisters, know to me as Auntie Jo and Aunt De Ett.

My cousin Jane sent along with the above, her thoughts on it, I will not put that here, as I do not have permission, but I will put in some of the same thoughts and ideas.
Neither Jane or I know where Jared's family is from. I know from the documentation (1850 census, and others) that he was born in NJ. But as for where his family is from, Im not going to speculate on that one at the moment.
Here is what we have on Jared so far:
Jared R Freeland (one of his sons is James Rensford Finley Freeland, so I am going to make a jump and say I THINK that the R stands for Rensford, so possibly Jareds mothers maiden name?)
Born: 30 Aug 1793 NJ (possibly either Paterson or Newark)
Died: 18 Nov 1876 Evansburgh (later Conneaut Lake, Pa)
Buried: Cambridge Springs Cemetery, Cambridge Springs, Pa
Married: 11 May 1815 or 1816 to Jane Johnson/Johnston
7 Mar 1826 to Susanna (Susan or Sophronia) Keen
Jane Johnson/Johnston
Born: 1 Feb 1796 Newark, NJ
Died: 24 Oct 1824 NY or Evansburgh, Pa (Christopher was born in NY, but they could have traveled to Pa, just after he was born, unsure right now)
unknown parents/family at this time

Susannah Keen/Kean
Born: 1 Ap 1797 NJ
Died: unknown at time, BUT she wrote a deed giving property to Sarah E Freeland, her daughter in law, dated 14 Feb 1877, so she was obviously still alive then.
Parents: Adam Keen and Dinah

Children of this Union: (I am going to just do all children of both marriages)

1. unnamed child
born: 20 Aug 1816
died: 20 Aug 1816
2. Catherine Ann
born: 25 Mar 1819
died: 5 Jan 1829
3. John
born: 1 July 1821
died: Oct 1821
4. unnamed boy
born: 1823
died: 1823
5. Christopher
born: 9 Oct 1824
6. Joseph Cummings (Im going to shoot for the moon and say this MIGHT be Dinah's maiden name, Susannah's mother)
born: 20 Oct 1827 Crawford, Co Pa
died: 14 April 1865 Crawford, Co, Pa
7. Dinah Sofronah (Sophronia)
born: 20 Jan 1829
died: 10 Feb 1904
8. James Rensford Finley (as I said above, is Rensford Jared's mothers maiden name and Jared's middle name??)
born: 7 Sep 1830
died: 19 Aug 1907
9. Eliza Jane
born: 11 Mar 1833
died: 23 Mar 1835
10. unnamed daughter
born: 10 Mar 1837
died: 10 Mar 1837 (in family bible, Jared wrote *expired after one hour*
11. Hannah V
born: 27 Feb 1842
died: 14 mar 1842

It is sad that of eleven children, only 4 survived to adulthood.
(From rootsweb tree)
ID: I311
Name: Jared R FREELAND
Sex: M
Birth: 30 AUG 1793 in New Jersey
Death: 18 NOV 1876 in Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania
Occupation: Shoemaker
Burial: Cambridge Springs Cemetery

Marriage 1 Susannah KEEN b: 1 APR 1797 in New Jersey

Married: 7 MAR 1826


Has Children Joseph Cummings FREELAND b: 20 FEB 1827 in Crawford County, Pennsylvania
Has Children Sophronia (Dinah) FREELAND b: 20 JAN 1829
Has Children James Rensford Finley FREELAND b: 7 SEP 1830


Name: Jared Freeland
Residence: Sadsbury, Crawford , Pennsylvania
Age: 57 years
Calculated Birth Year: 1793
Birthplace: New Jersey
Gender: Male
Race (original):
Race (expanded):
Death Month:
Death Year:
Film Number: 444739
Digital GS Number: 4204713
Image Number: 00034
Line Number: 29
Dwelling House Number: 75
Family Number: 75
Marital Status:
Free or Slave:
Household Gender Age
Jared Freeland M 57y
Susanna Freeland F 53y
J C Freeland M 23y
Sephrona Freeland F 21y
J R Freeland M 19y

These are the only two online references to Jared. There is speculation out there floating around that his name might have been Gared or Garret or variation thereof.

Here are some ideas between me and Jane that we feel about:
1. According to a family bible, Jared R Freeland born 30 Aug 1793 in Newark or Paterson, NJ and died 18 Nov 1876 in Crawford Co, Pa. He married Susannah Keen on Mar 7, 1826 in Crawford County.

2. A second account is from a cousin, her records show Jared Freeland was born in Holland and came to America with his parents at the age of 9-11. Jared Freeland may have been married twice. The first time in Paterson, NJ. One child named Christopher (who later had two daughters) came with Jared to Conneaut Lake, pa(Fallowfield Township) in 1824.

3. Still another cousin reports Gared Freeland was born 1 Feb 1796 in Newark, NJ. He married Jane Johnston on 11 May 1815 or 16. Their children were: (1) ? 20 Aug 1816 (2) Catherine Ann 25 Mar 1819 (3) John 1 July 1821 (4) a boy 1823 (5) Christopher 9 Oct 1824. Gared moved to Crawford Co, Pa in 1824 and married Susannah Keen on 7 Mar 1826.

Jane is like me, she wants to take it all directly from Jareds notes, family bible, and journals that HE wrote, and the proof that is out there.

In his bible he has written:
Jared Freeland was born Aug 30 1793
Jane (Johnston) Freeland was born Feb 1 1796
Susannah (Keen) Freeland was born April 1 1797
First child was born Aug 20 1816
Catherine Ann Freeland was born Mar 25 1819
John Freeland was born July 1821
A boy was born in 1823
Christopher Freeland was born Oct 9 1824
JTC Freeland was born Feb 20 1827
Dinah Sofronah Freeland was born Jan 20 1829
James RF Freeland was born Sep 1830
Eliza Jane F Freeland was born Mar 11 1833
A daughter born Mar 10 1837 and expired in one hour
Hannah V Freeland born Feb 27 1842

So here are my thoughts, Christopher was born either in NY or NJ, SO, after Jared and Jane married, (if Christopher was born in NY) they traveled to NY, lived for a time, had their 5 children, then either just after Christopher was born or after Jane died, the family moved onto Crawford County, Pa. I do not know if Jane died in NJ, NY, or PA. But one thing is clear *Susan* did not entice Jared to Crawford county, unless they HAD met in NJ in earlier years, and she had found out he was a widower, and offered to help him out (very much possible) But they didnt marry until Christopher was nearly 2, and Catherine was 8. Question: had Jared raised his children on his own? did he have help from someone else? a sister? his mother? anyone else?
Christopher survived to adulthood and further, as he himself had a number of children with Mary Jane Marshall. They lived in Erie County.

This is from familysearch:

Name: Christopher Freeland
Residence: Springfield, Erie, Pennsylvania
Birthdate: 1825
Birthplace: New York, United States
Relationship to Head: Self
Spouse's Name: Mary Jane Freeland
Spouse's Birthplace: Pennsylvania, United States
Father's Name:
Father's Birthplace: New Jersey, United States
Mother's Name:
Mother's Birthplace: New York, United States
Race or Color (Expanded): White
Ethnicity (Standardized): American
Gender: Male
Martial Status: Married
Age (Expanded): 55 years
Occupation: Laborer
NARA Film Number: T9-1128
Page: 192
Page Character: B
Entry Number: 3591
Film number: 1255128
Household Gender Age
Christopher Freeland M 55
Spouse Mary Jane Freeland F 48
Child Sophrona Freeland F 21
Child Alice Freeland F 20
Child Luna Freeland F 18
Child Harriet Freeland F 16

Emily my 3rd great grandmother is NOT in this census, as she and Sam Bemus had married about 1869-1872.

This is my new favorite website for PA families, LOTS of great info, here is what I have found on Christopher:


  1. Joseph Cummings was Jared's biggest customer as entered in his ledger. Jane probably knows where it is. I had it for while before giving to Jane. Joseph Cumming was a very prominent settler and was probably was involved in the Whiskey Rebellion. I think that is where Joseph Cummings came.

    Joseph Cummings Freeland III

  2. That is very cool to know, thanks!!