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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Henryetta Blanche Jackson/Sibyl Henrietta Scott, Glen Lake, Mn, Owatonna State School

My grandmother Henrietta Heyen was born in 1921 at Glen Lake, Mn (TB Sanitarium). Her brother Robert Humphrey was born a year later, again at the sanitarium. Their parents had married Sept 1920.
Their parents were William Henry Jackson and either Blanche Gertrude Shirley or Blanche Beatrice Searle. Blanche either contracted tb, OR I have also just recently learned that the Tb Sanitarium had a maternity area, so that could have possibly been where people who lived in the area went. (The address I have for the family is they lived in Hopkins RFD, on Excelsior Blvd, which is now one of the main roads in Hopkins/Glen Lake. There is a street named Eden Prairie that Glen Lake is on, that is right off of Excelsior Blvd.)
This is her birth cert info:
Henryetta Blanch Jackson (Baby Girl is scratched out and Henryetta Blanch is written in)
born: June 23, 1921
Reg district number 2517
no in Reg book: 38
father: Wm Henry Jackson
Mother: Blanche G Shirley
Residence: Hopkins RFD
Race: White
Father born: 1893 (written, typed is age 28)
Mother born:May 1901 (written, typed is age 20) Wi
Occupation: Common Laborer, Housewife
Dr: Hugh C Avery
Dated June 23, 1921
Address Excelsior
Registrar: WS Frear
Dated: June 24, 1921
Address: Hopkins

Her adoption records are like this:
Owatonna State Public School
number 7418
Name: Henrietta Jackson
Date Admitted: Jan 24, 1925
Residence Minneapolis, Mn
County: Hennepin
Date of birth: June 23, 1925
By Order of Court: Juvenile-hennepin Co
BirthPlace: Glen Lake Mn
Judge: PW Guilford
Sex Female
Colour: White
Petitioners: AL Bean
Address: Minneapolils, Mn
Cause of dependency: father deserted
Contributory Causes: Mother unable to support child
Church: Protestant
Physical condition on admittence: Good
Family character habits, physical and mental conditions: Father-brutal to mother-drinking man
Conjugal relations: Married Sept 18, 1920 at Hopkins Mn, by Lutheran minister, seperated
Father: William Henry Jackson
Born 47 years old, Chaugne Ny
Address: Unknown
Mother: Blanche Shirley Jackson
Born: May 1901 Island Lake Russ Co Wi
Mother works occupation unknown
Brothers: one Brother; Robert number 7419
Descriptive Notes: This child together with younger brother Robert number 7419 was brought to the school by Mrs Esther K Lee, C.P.S, Minneapolis. The father was very brutal to the mother- pounded her and drove her out of the house and then deserted-indictment out for him for desertion. He is Irish Catholic. The mother was a State School girl from Wi, having been sent there when she was 13 years old by her maternal grandmother. She has been working at different places, has improved a great deal iin her health since leaving the father, but does not feel able to support the two children. She is Methodist. Lived at Glen Lake for a number of years. Children both have been vaccinated recently. Placed- Feb 3, 1925. Mar2 1925-Mother inquires about children informed. Adress 1531 22nd Ave No Mpls. April 13 1925 Mother inquires, informed. Adress 1471 W Como Ave., St Paul.

She and her brother were adopted Aug 13, 1926 by the Scotts.

I am unable to find any type of info on a place called Chaugne Ny, but there is Chemung County Ny, could it be a misprint or misunderstanding, the same with Russ CountyWis, could that be Rusk Co?? Her birth certificate says that her father was 28 years of age, then the Owatonna State School records say 47, I am sure the birth cert is correct. After all think about it, way back when, even the people filling out those papers would most likely put *wrong* iinformation down, so the children couldnt find their birth parents, before the 1970's it was the concept of children who were adopted to have no need to find their birth parents.

I found Blanch in a 1920 Census of the State School in Wi, she is stated to be 20 years of age, and that she is a servant at the school.

Here is why I believe Blanche might be Blanche Beatrice Searle:
Name: Blanche Beatrice Searle
Gender: Female
Baptism/Christening Date:
Baptism/Christening Place:
Birth Date: 19 Mar 1900
Birthplace: Phillips, Price, Wisconsin
Death Date:
Name Note:
Race: White
Father's Name: Harry Searle
Father's Birthplace: St. John, New Foundland
Father's Age:
Mother's Name: Florence Cress
Mother's Birthplace: Texas
Mother's Age:
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: C00325-8
System Origin: Wisconsin-EASy
Source Film Number: 1305145
Reference Number: cn 2824

She IS one year older, but its possible

this is the census where Blanche is in the (Wis) State Public School:
Name: Blanche Shirley
Residence: , Monroe, Wisconsin
Estimated Birth Year: 1900
Age: 20
Birthplace: Wisconsin
Relationship to Head of Household:
Gender: Female
Race: White
Marital Status: Single
Father's Birthplace: United States
Mother's Birthplace: United States
Film Number: 1822007
Digital Folder Number: 4390837
Image Number: 00375
Sheet Number: 10

The Glen Lake Tuberculosis Sanitarium, located south of Glen Lake on the east side of Eden Prairie Road, was opened in 1916 by Hennepin County and was one of the three leading tuberculosis treatment centers in the world. At the height of the 1930s tuberculosis epidemic, 715 people lived at the sanitarium, receiving the best medical treatment available.

The Minnesota Department of Human Services assumed operation from Hennepin County in 1962 and converted the sanitarium to the Oak Terrace Nursing Home. In 1991, after a combined 75 years of service to 17,000 patients, the state closed the facility and demolished the buildings.

The Glen Lake Golf and Practice Center, a self-supporting, public nine-hole golf course, was opened by Hennepin County in 1997 and is now operated by the Three Rivers Park District.

The neighborhood and commercial area located on Excelsior Boulevard at Eden Prairie and Williston roads is known as Glen Lake, named for the large lake located just southeast of that intersection.
In 1907, on the southwest corner of the intersection, Chris Kraemer set up a general store that sold food, sewing materials, hardware, animal feed and clothing. Before Kraemer’s store opened, farmers in the area traveled to Hopkins or Excelsior to make their purchases.
At the same time, electric streetcars and freight trains began traveling between Minneapolis and Lake Minnetonka on train tracks originally installed in 1881. The tracks ran through Glen Lake on the south side of Excelsior Boulevard and under a bridge for Eden Prairie Road, where a station was located. That depot was well used by commuters, farmers taking their goods to Hopkins or Minneapolis, and by those who worked at Glen Lake Sanitarium. The line was discontinued in 1932 when buses became the primary mode of mass transportation. Traces of the line can still be seen just west of Glen Lake, especially at the entrance to Purgatory Park where a bridge traversed Purgatory Creek.

During the 1930s, two grocery stores, a couple filling stations, the post office, a garage and a barber shop were located in Glen Lake. It’s said that during the gas rationing of the 1940s, traffic through Glen Lake was so light that a storeowner’s dog often slept in the middle of the street undisturbed for hours.

In 1958, Kraemer’s store moved to the west end of a new shopping center, and by the 1980s, the business, now primarily a hardware store, occupied a new building across Excelsior Boulevard.

The original one-room Glen Lake School, called the Jackson School for the nearby farmer, was east of Glen Lake on Excelsior Boulevard. In 1911, a new brick building with two classrooms was built on the corner of Woodhill Road and Excelsior Boulevard. In 1945 the building was enlarged, and in 1946 Glen Lake School became part of the Hopkins School District. After being purchased by the city in 1960 for use as a community center, it was torn down in 1990 to make way for soccer fields and a skateboard park.

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