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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Smith.........Say WHAT??

Okay, long story short, we had always been told (or it was an idea) that my 3rd great grandfather, George Henry Smith Sr born 1849 in Canada, had died somewhere between 1878-1880. IN the 1880 census, Martha his wife, is now married to Thomas Clark. As far as I knew, nothing was ever said or heard from George, so of course we thought he had died. Anyway, a friend of mine was doing some searching, and found thru my cousins ancestry account, that George and Martha had divorced, AND that they had both remarried. And George and his wife Bridget had children! ACK! I will be posting here different things I am finding over the next few weeks about this new development!

This is Jr, but I want to put it up so I have it:
name: George Henry Smith
titles & terms:
death date: 05 Jul 1936
death place: Ashtabula, Ashtabula, Ohio
birth date: 16 Apr 1877
estimated birth year:
birthplace: Butler, Pa
death age: 59 years 2 months 19 days
gender: Male
marital status: Married
race or color: Caucasian
street address:
occupation: Baker/Own Shop
residence: Ashtabula, Ashtabula, Ohio
burial date: 08 Jul 1936
burial place: St. Joseph'S
cemetery name:
spouse's name: Sarah
father's name: George Henry
father's title & terms:
father's birthplace: Canada
mother's name:
mother's titles & terms:
mother's birthplace:
film number: 2022663
digital folder number: 4020595
image number: 1687
certificate number: fn 42001

This is a different side of family, but since I found it, I want to insert it here somewhere, Im getting SO lost!

Clyde A Ruhl M 36y
Child Ira D Ruhl F 34y
Carlyl P Ruhl M 12y
Martin F Bemus M 41y
Emma Bemus F 72y
Presley J Ruhl M 78y

This is Olive and Emma Bennets parents (I believe) at the moment Im going to say yes, unless somethign else pops out at me.

Name: Elizabeth Bennett
Estimated Birth Year: 1826
Gender: Female
Age in 1870: 44y
Color (white, black, mulatto, chinese, Indian): White
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Home in 1870: Pennsylvania, United States
Household Gender Age
Orin Bennett M 53y
Elizabeth Bennett F 44y
Mary Bennett F 27y
William Bennett M 10y
John Bennett M 7y

Name: Edward J Randall
Residence: , , Pennsylvania
Estimated Birth Year: 1847
Age: 73
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Relationship to Head of Household: Self
Gender: Male
Race: White
Marital Status: Widowed
Father's Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Mother's Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Film Number: 1821567
Digital Folder Number: 4384886
Image Number: 00846
Sheet Number: 6


  1. Hi George H Smith Sr is also my 3rd Great-Grandfather. I have been researching that part of my (our) family for a long time and had not known they divorced. Is there anyway that you can share the information with me? My email address is I appreciate any and all assistance that I can get. My grandfather passed away in 1994 (Robert Neal Smith) and I do not have any real connection with the family anymore. Thanks, Sandi

  2. I forgot to put up a correction to this, we have found that that line of thinking is WRONG. George either died or disappeared, the one who is married to Bridget is the same age as George Jr.