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Friday, April 22, 2011


Name: Ida W. Bainter
Gender: Female
Baptism/Christening Date:
Baptism/Christening Place:
Birth Date: 15 Aug 1902
Birthplace: South Solon, Madison, Ohio
Death Date:
Name Note:
Race: White
Father's Name: W. P. Bainter
Father's Birthplace:
Father's Age:
Mother's Name: Theo Porter
Mother's Birthplace:
Mother's Age:
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: C04041-9
System Origin: Ohio-EASy
Source Film Number: 522856
Reference Number: p B-IJ

Name: Idah M Bainter
Birthplace: Ohio
Relationship to Head of Household: Daughter
Residence: Stokes, Madison, Ohio
Marital Status: Single
Race : White
Gender: Female
Immigration Year:
Father's Birthplace: Ohio
Mother's Birthplace: Ohio
Family Number: 21
Page Number: 1
Household Gender Age
Parent W P Bainter M 41y
Parent Theo Bainter F 34y
L Blanch Bainter F 14y
Florence M Bainter F 12y
Idah M Bainter F 7y
Edgar P Bainter M 5y
N Frank Bainter M 3y

Name: Arthur Maynard Gordon
Titles & Terms:
Event: Marriage
Event Date: 13 Dec 1919
Event Place: Clark County, Ohio
Age: 20
Estimated Birth Year: 1899
Marriage Date Note:
Marriage Place Note:
Father: Albert Gordon
Father's Titles & Terms:
Mother: Celia Brock
Mother's Titles & Terms:
Spouse: Idah Mae Bainter
Spouse's Titles & Terms:
Spouse's Age: 18
Spouse's Estimated Birth Year: 1901
Spouse's Father: Willian P Bainter
Spouse's Father's Titles & Terms:
Spouse's Mother: Theo Porter
Spouse's Mother's Titles & Terms:
Reference Number: 13069
Film Number: 465401
Digital Folder Number: 4016781
Image Number: 50

Name: Arthur Gordon
Residence: Madison Township (excl. South Charleston vill.), Clark, Ohio
Birth Date: Sep 1899
Birthplace: Ohio
Relationship to Head-of-Household: Son
Spouse Name:
Spouse Titles:
Spouse Birth Place:
Father Name: Albert Gordon
Father Titles:
Father Birthplace: Ohio
Mother Name: Celia Gordon
Mother Titles:
Mother Birthplace: Kansas
Race or Color (expanded): White
Head-of-household Name: Albert Gordon
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Years Married:
Estimated Marriage Year:
Mother How Many Children:
Number Living Children:
Immigration Year:
Enumeration District: 0006
Sheet Number and Letter: 10B
Household ID: 194
Reference Number: 56
GSU Film Number: 1241246
Image Number: 00031
Household Gender Age
Parent Albert Gordon M
Parent Celia Gordon F
P Merle Gordon F
Arthur Gordon M


  1. Hey it looks like we are father is Harold C Stierhoff, his father George Wilhelm Stierhoff, his father John Martin Stierhoff. Thanks for the info!

    Patti Stierhoff Brisco

  2. Yes we are. Your aunt Florence and my grandmother (Irene Ziemmer) were best friends, my mom has tons of pics of grandma and Florence together.