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Thursday, May 5, 2016

And the Journey Continues

If someone had told me five or ten years ago, that I would be where I was at, I would have called them nuts.
No where in my greatest dreams would I have actuall had one of my dreams realized, let alone two of them.
In the past five years, I have lived in five states (Missouri, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, and now Oregon).  I have gone back to school, and just done so much, that is blows the mind.  Knowing that I have been able to accomplish this in just five years, helps me to realize that I can do so much more with my life.
I am now living in Oregon with a friend of mine.  In about a months time, I will be moving into an adult foster home, I will be a caregiver for a few people.  I have always loved taking care of people, and being there for them, and having been able to be a live in caregiver for people is something I love.
So, let me give you a run-down.  I am living with my friend L.A. and her husband G.D.  I have been friends with LA for about 8 or so years, I believe we met online sometime between 2006-2008.  We were both members of an online bookclub, and became best friends over time.  For a number of years now, she has been inviting me to move out with her, and finally this year I was able to.  She seriously needs a babysitter, lol.  She has a lot of health problems, diabetes, heart problems, had portions of her right foot amputated, and other problems.  The other night, she as staying up too late, and fell asleep in her recliner, and attempted to sleep walk, fell and broke her wrist.  I have been threatening to wrap her in bubble wrap!

Another thing, I am working on getting back into genealogy, because of so much issues the past few years, it has fallen by the wayside.  I am still continuing to work on my own family, but I am also working on LA's and another friends.
I will start talking about LA's.  Her famil is a complete mystery, and we are actually leaning towards that her family has lied to her all her life.  She was told that her mother died when she was about one, and her father remarried.  Her stepmother adopted her, and the birth certificate she has, has her supposed birth mothers name on it.  Here is the mystery, supposedly her birth name is Lorraine Elizabeth Keen born unknown, married Randolph Samuel Zeisel sometime after 1963 and before 1968.  LA was born May 1968, and Lorraine died about 1969 or 1970.  Randolph married (get ready for this one) Lorraine's half sister, Lorraine Ellen Keen.  Yes, I said that right.  They married 1970 or 1971, as the next child born was born in 1971.
I cannot find anything on Lorraine Elizabeth, nothing at all.  No birth, no census, no death record, anything, no marriage records.
I am also unable to find a marriage record for Randolph and Lorraine Ellen.  I have found a marriage record for Lorraine Ellen and a guy named Price in 1963.  And LA remembers that she had heard rumors of her father having been married to a Helen, and I found information that he may have been married to Lillian when he was living in California.
Randolph Samuel Zeisel was born 1919 in Baltimore, Maryland.  During World War Two he was in the Navy, and traveled alot, we believe that was when he met Lillian, and they lived in Long Beach, California for years after that.  He then came back to Maryland, sometime in the 60's, may have married Helen at this time, and then married Lorraine.
LA and I are wondering if her family lied to her, was Lorraine Ellen really her true mother? Or perhaps one of her sisters, and there was something going on? We have no idea, as everyone from that generation is gone.  LA's father was 56 when she was born, Lorraine Ellen was about 26.  LA said she really did not have contact with her mother's side of the family, so if I do not want to work on this mystery, she is fine with that, but I hate such a mystery, it will eat at me!!

The other family I am working on, is the Estes family.  A number of years ago, I was good friends with this guy.  We have kept minmal contact, but we have kept in touch.  When we were friends way back when, I did some basic research on his famil, well he contacted me the other day, and wants me to do more research, so here I go.

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